Podcast Strategy Intensive

Take your podcast from a time suck to a valued sales asset.
Because Your Podcast should be built to generate, educate, and convert leads.

If your podcast has become a bottomless pit of content needs, it's time to course correct.

Maybe you feel...

  • Frustrated by the lack of leads coming in from your podcast
  • Overwhelmed by the to-do list of production, it feels like it takes a lot of effort to get out a show that isn't delivering results
  • Unsure how to prioritize your endless list of episode ideas
  • Hopeless that it feels like there is nothing you could possibly say on your podcast to get someone to book a call

Most often, though, you're just sitting in front of your mic, unsure if this podcast is even worth it.

Together, we can change that.

What if, instead, you felt…

  • Confident your show was reaching the right listeners because they show up on your calendar and start actually paying you. Not just attention but cash.
  • Focused and ready to roll every time you sit down at the mic because you know exactly what to say and why you're saying it.
  • Excited about your podcast and ready to stop wasting time and CASH chasing someone else’s podcast and business goals.

There are plenty of coaches & consultants who will help you launch a podcast but who do you turn to when you have an established show that just isn't performing optimally?

Well, if you are an expert or small business owner and your podcast is your primary marketing asset, you turn to Stacey Harris & Uncommonly More.

I really needed a strategic advisor to help me think through whether to rebrand and create a roadmap for implementing it. Stacey's Podcast Strategy Intensive was the perfect solution. Effective, efficient, and fun. She specializes in producing shows just like mine, so I knew it would be just what I needed, and it was. I have a clear direction, a timeline, and a plan of action. Highly recommend.

Diann Wingert
The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Let’s sit down, 1 on 1… podcaster to podcaster

If we haven’t met, I’m Stacey Harris, CEO of Uncommonly More and veteran podcaster. 

Over the years, I've hosted a few podcasts, but The More Profitable Podcast has stood the test of time. Launching in 2013, we've done more than 600 episodes.

I build shows that are sales assets.

I generate and convert leads thanks to our public podcast, The More Profitable Podcast, and our private show, The Podcast Newsroom. My team and I have also supported dozens of podcasters in doing the same.

The Stacey Harris Final-1074 copy

I’ve grown my show (and this agency) thanks in part to the relationships and listeners of the more than 600 episodes of my podcast have built and converted. 

My team and I are committed to supporting business owners just like you to step up to the mic and start sharing your incredible stories and value with the world while seeing an actual return on that financial and energetic investment.

I was not disappointed after the podcast intensive with Stacey!

I've been struggling to figure out how to put all of the pieces together, my podcast, my membership, and how to incorporate a private podcast into my marketing.

Stacey helped me outline everything based on my expertise and plan out three months of content which I was not able to do on my own. Now I am more confident that my podcast will provide even more value when I relaunch. Even better, it will help me generate more leads, close more sales with less effort and grow my membership!

Shannon Baker
The Mind Your Time Podcast

Let’s be real… why should you even keep reading this page, much less book your own Podcast Strategy Intensive?

The Podcast Strategy Intensive is designed to give you the information you need now to make the next 3 months of your podcast more efficient, more effective, and more fun. This intensive is built to focus on YOUR business goals so that your show is built to do what you need it to do, not what the latest wannabe guru is selling you.

Time and time again, our production clients share that the most impactful work we do is our quarterly strategy sessions, and The Podcast Strategy Intensive is your chance to get that same support in your business and for your podcast.

Together we sit down and talk about the next 12 weeks of their show, starting with one critical question...

What are we selling this quarter?

That question helps us know where we need to focus content. Together, we can work backward during your Podcast Strategy Intensive to build the assets necessary to help listeners...

  • Identify their issue
  • Get clear if this solution is right for them
  • Understand what next steps to take to solve their issue

These intensives are exactly that. For those podcasters not ready to jump into a 12-month contract with our production team, this is the place to start.

Maybe you already have support with editing, show notes, graphics, etc. Maybe, you just need someone OUTSIDE of your business to support you in identifying your next twelve weeks of content because it's hard to read the label from inside the jar.

For podcasters desperate to get out of their own head and get FOCUSED on what next steps are actually valuable. Mostly because I know you and Love, you’re listening to TOO many podcasts about podcasts and watching too many experts tell you to try EVERYTHING, RIGHT NOW.

Podcasting is a LONG game. don’t get stuck in the noise of it all. Let’s get QUIET. Let’s get CLEAR on the right next steps for YOU. The 1% changes you will make day to day cause the biggest ripples of impact.

That’s right. All of that is actually possible. In fact, it’s simple.

What happens during your Podcast Strategy Intensive

The Podcast Strategy Intensive is built to support business owners like you and me who are using their podcasts to nurture an audience and want to do a better job using their show to quilify and convert listeners into clients.

Your Podcast Strategy Intensive will focus on a 12-week period of time. This can be any time. Come ready to share WHAT you're selling during that 12 weeks and WHO you are selling it to.

We'll start off by reviewing my audit of your show together, so you can see what I'm looking for and know when you want to make future shifts (and when you're just using tweaking your cover art as a total distraction).

From there, we'll dig right into working backward from your sales goals to create a content plan that gets you there.

podcast production company testimonialsHiring the Uncommonly More team has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.

As my primary marketing tool, my podcast does a lot of heavy lifting in my business. It’s the number one way I build rapport with potential clients and customers. By the time people get on a call with me, they have listened to the show and are simply wanting to have a conversation.

When you have a show that’s designed to generate leads so I can convert them to sales, the ROI is baked in. The show pays for itself.

Tara Newman
The Bold Money Revolution Podcast

On the day of your Podcast Strategy Intensive:

Before the Intensive, I'll

  • Review two episodes of your podcast that you consider to be "Sales Assets"
  • Complete an audit focused on reviewing the show at the host level (cover art, description, show titles, show descriptions, and destinations)

During the Intensive, we'll:

  • Review the audit and create your first action steps
  • Outline high-level content focus for a 12-week quarter
  • Optimize titles and create outlines for 12 weeks of content
  • Highlight CTAs for each piece of content

After your Intensive, you'll receive: 

  • Complete call recording
  • 3-month content dashboard
  • Complete customized content calendar CTA for each episode
  • Review of your most recent episode, including recommendations for your format, structure, and CTA
  • Review of your best sales asset episode, including recommendations for your format, structure, and CTA
  • Follow Up 45-minute call to check in on the implementation

This is a PERFECT way to start working with our team, it’s all of the strategic brain and none of the long-term commitment

This Podcast Strategy Intensive is built to do the bulk of your podcast work upfront. Doing this work together means you're able to sit down behind the mic, hit record, and get your show done.

It simplifies your edit needs, creates clarity in your content, and leaves you more time to market your show and convert your leads.

Doesn't that sound better than banging your head against the wall and googling content ideas for the hundredth time?

Book your Intensive today for an investment of $5000. The Podcast Strategy Intensive is built to focus your direction for the next 12 weeks. Let's get started.

Want answers sooner? Reach out via email and our team will answer any and all questions you have before booking your Podcast Strategy Intensive.

The best part about working with Stacey and Uncommonly More isthe fact that every single quarter we sit down and look at the revenue goals, and the sales goals for my business and reverse engineer how the content I am producing on my podcast Promote Yourself to CEO can guide people towards joining our program at the CEO Collective.

The use of these quarterly calls has made my planning so much smoother, and Stacey always ensures that I am not missing anything. Especially in things like case study calls or client interviews. Adding those in is totally because Stacey has made the point to make sure that the podcast is fully integrated with our sales process.

If you are selling a high-end product program or service, I'd highly encourage you to book this session with Stacey so that you can make sure all of your content is seamlessly guiding people into the work that you do.

Racheal Cook
Promote Yourself to CEO

podcast consultant testimonialsI love that Uncommonly More is a one-stop shop podcast production company. Mostly, I think Stacey is super-duper smart and it's worthwhile to have her on speed dial.

Stacey is so helpful when it comes to breaking down your strategy for how to move forward. She takes all the ideas and gobbledygook in your head and makes it simple and straightforward while helping you put a simple plan in place.

Veronica Perretti
Essential Astrocast

Stacey helped me streamline all of my marketing efforts and platforms so I could get more impact while doing less.

I feel excited and prepared to relaunch my podcast and grow my audience. This was an excellent investment in my business and my peace of mind.

Nicole Otchy
The Self Styled Podcast


These sessions are open and closed throughout the year to ensure I maintain space for our Podcast Production clients. We will discuss the next available timing when we meet (generally within the next 30-60 days) and you'll receive a link to choose a time upon completing your payment.

These sessions can be customized so that the outcome is less about a content plan and more about a launch plan, podcast rebrand strategy, or even a pitching strategy. The time is yours. 

During our initial conversation, we'll outline what your custom deliverables will be if it is outside of our traditional intensive. 

If the full payment feels like a stretch, let me know during our call, and we can discuss two different payment play options we have to split payments into two or three payments at no additional cost.

Full payment is required before the actual session. 

Yep - once you complete the form when hitting, Chat with Uncommonly More, you'll be redirected to book a 30 minute call with me. 

On that call we will discuss your goals, and outline exactly what you'd like to cover during our intensive.

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