Podcast Strategy Session

Sit down with veteran podcast host, Stacey Harris, to spend 60 minutes focused on YOUR PODCAST STRATEGY and start CONVERTING more of your listeners.

Every day I talk to podcasters who feel burned out with their show, and maybe you feel the same. 

Maybe you feel...

  • Frustrated your show isn’t growing and confused you're not seeing leads come in from your podcast
  • Irritated that you’re not getting more reviews and shout outs on social media
  • Overwhelmed by the number of ideas you have for your show, but you can’t prioritize what to start with first (or get to any of them because you’re just trying to keep up) or...

Maybe you find too often you’re sitting down and have ZERO ideas about what to talk about, which quickly leads you down the rabbit hole of wondering if it even matters - it feels like NO ONE is listening!

Together, we can change that.

What if instead, you felt…

  • Confident your show was reaching the right listeners because they show up on your call schedule and start actually paying you. Not just attention, but cash.
  • Excited that more listeners tagged you when sharing your podcast episodes, because you know without a doubt you can convert those new listeners.
  • You knew EXACTLY what was the priority for your podcast right now so you stop wasting time and CASH chasing someone else’s podcast and business goals.

Let’s sit down, 1 on 1… podcaster to podcaster

If we haven’t met, I’m Stacey Harris, your Strategy Session Leader, and veteran podcaster. 

I’ve been podcasting since the wild west days of 2013 when nearly every podcasting article geared towards women was about how very few listened, and even fewer hosted (which is honestly still a worthy discussion).

I’ve grown my show (and this agency) thanks in part to the relationships and listeners the over 500 episodes of my podcast have built and converted. 

Our team’s best work, and the core of what drives me, is supporting dozens of female podcasters with strategy sessions like this one along with podcast launch and production services

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My team and I are committed to supporting women just like you to step up to the mic and start sharing your incredible stories and value with the world.

I know what you’re thinking, what if YOU could have some time to just, like pick my brain… YOU CAN!

Let’s be real… why should you even keep reading this page, much less book this session?

I created (and love) these sessions for podcasters who maybe already have some editing support, or are happy to DIY (for now) but are CRAVING someone to sit down and make sense of what’s happening

For podcasters desperate to get out of their own head and get FOCUSED on what next steps are actually valuable. Mostly because I know you, and Love, you’re listening to TOO many podcasts about podcasts and watching too many experts tell you to try EVERYTHING, RIGHT NOW.

Podcasting is a LONG game. don’t get stuck in the noise of it all. Let’s get QUIET. Let’s get CLEAR on the right next steps for YOU. The 1% changes you will make day to day cause the biggest ripples of impact.

That’s right. All of that is actually possible. In fact, it’s simple.

Brandy Lawson Uncommonly More

What happens in a 1 on 1?

I’m nothing if not transparent, so let’s get honest about how to use these sessions, mostly because we’ve all booked sessions that were (not so) glorified sales calls. This is NOT that. 

These sessions are about WORKING, and the real value is we’ll be working together. No more struggling alone to get clear and try and find your way out of your own overwhelm. 

Here’s an idea of how these sessions have looked in the past…

If you’re someone who is in the process and feels like they have a solid understanding of getting their show recorded and out in the world but feels like they’re running out of things to say this is a perfect place for us to start.

That’s right, no more wondering what to say, or how to get people interested in your new program. We are building your STRATEGIC CONTENT PLAN. Meaning every single piece of content you create over the next 90 days will be built to convert.

The results of this strategic plan are so far-reaching. In fact, this is how you create podcast episodes that do two things:

  1. Stand the test of time! Meaning the next time you launch the thing… you already have the episodes ready to share. The next time you need a break from the mic, you have episodes that can step in and do your selling while you’re taking time away.

  2. Another handy piece of this, it’s going to cut down your actual recording time. Imagine sitting down and knowing exactly what to say (and why you’re saying it). It means getting out of your head and just doing the damn thing!

These two pieces become the hub for growing your business. That’s ONLY possible if you are being strategic about what goes out, and that comes with doing the prep work.

For the podcaster who has been in it a while, but things still feel off, it’s time to talk about the process.

The magic of working with Uncommonly More for Production Services is the access to our incredible framework and dashboard. This isn’t me saying this, it’s clients. The most fun part of sales calls is when I show someone the dashboard and watch them light up at the idea of having everything in front of them any time they need it. 

And if reading that made you EXTREMELY uncomfortable or INCREDIBLY excited this is the kind of call we need to have.

The idea they could know exactly where every episode, episode asset, and even data for each episode is living is mindblowing, but it’s exactly what our production clients have (and it’s the only way I’ve kept up with my show for nearly 8 years).

Feeling that tingle of jealousy?? Stop it! 

We can create this for you too!

The best systems are built to be stages that hold you up, NOT weights that bring you down. And together we’re going to make sure your process is doing exactly that. It supports you, your goals, and yes, your listeners.

Every podcaster’s favorite way to hide from strategy might actually be the perfect call for us to have. If you’re ready to evolve your sound (or upgrade your recording or editing process) we can talk tech.

Full disclosure, I’m a bit of a microphone nerd. It’s an expensive side effect of my audio engineering degree I suppose, but it’s good for you! 

The reality is you don’t need the MOST expensive mic on the market, but if you know a few things about how microphones and recording work you can make the choices that best serve your voice and your environment (yes that matters most)

Because the hard truth is, all the editing in the world won’t save shitty audio, so let’s make sure you’re all set. 

Together we’ll audit your complete tech set-up - the mic, the recording software, your editing software, we can even talk hosting if that’s where you’re feeling misaligned.

This is the call for everyone, like for real Love, this is the conversation you need to have, either with me, or your existing team, and maybe most importantly, with yourself.

You’re spending HOURS, and money, to keep a train on the tracks, but you don’t know if this set of tracks is going to your destination. 

Together we’ll go through your data (yes I promise you have some)  and identify YOUR most important metrics. Take a beat… read that again… Together we’ll go through your data (yes I promise you have some)  and identify YOUR most important metrics.

Notice I didn’t say THE most important metrics, I said YOUR. This is your show, not anyone else’s, so let’s look at what matters for your goals.

And the most fun way to use these (for me, anyway) is like one big lightning round. Bring me that endless list of questions stored in notebooks, on post-its, and rumbling around in the dark corners of your brain, and do your best to stump me. 

These sessions are completely customizable for a reason. What YOU need is unique to you, and some sessions end up looking like some combo of the above four options. That’s perfect, let’s get you what you need MOST, right now.

That’s enough talk, let’s do this.

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I keep a limited amount of these sessions open each month for podcasters not currently working with our production team (our production clients get one of these sessions each quarter). So if you’re interested in grabbing yours, don’t wait.

This is a PERFECT way to start working with our team, it’s all of the strategic brain and none of the long term commitment

Each session lasts 60 minutes, you will have the ability to record the call for your reference.

Investment - $500/Session is due at time of booking.

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