Using Your Podcast to Launch a Book with Andrea Liebross

Today, we have a special guest joining us, Andrea Liebross. Andrea is a coach, speaker, and the host of the Time to Level Up podcast. She’s also the author of She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and Into the Extraordinary.

Andrea is joining me to share the incredible journey of how she used her podcast to launch a book and the surprising events that followed. From the writing process to the editing and marketing decisions, Andrea gives us an inside look at how her podcast played a pivotal role in the creation and success of her book. 

We’ll learn about the unexpected impact of her podcast on her writing process, the challenges she faced in the editing phase, and how she found a distinctive conversational tone for her book. Andrea also discusses the power of podcasting as a marketing tool and how it helped establish her credibility and attract new listeners. 

Get ready to be inspired as we dive into Andrea’s journey of using her podcast to launch a book. 

03:26 – Get to know Andrea Liebross and learn how she’s helping entrepreneurial women find freedom and growth.

06:39 – Launching the Time to Level Up Podcast and how podcasting impacted Andrea’s marketing and visibility

11:40 – The discomfort that comes with thinking big and taking on writing a book

15:06 – How Andrea used the podcast to help get the book written 

17:35 -Using your podcast to build out ideas or explore topics to keep your writing in your voice

21:24 – Using podcast guest spots as a way to network

24:13 – What we put together on the podcast as Andrea counted down to the launch of the She Thinks Big book

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