If you’re getting ready to launch a new program or product this is a MUST listen for you. Pat is getting real about the tech tools you’ll need for your next launch and also (and maybe most importantly) the timeline. She even gives us a few pointers on what to AVOID doing so we don’t […]

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On May 1st I was able to check something off my personal business bucket list, it was the MOST amazing feeling. I was able to speak at an event that was actually the first event I EVER attended. The International Virtual Assistants Association Live Summit was HUGE in making my business what it is now,

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It’s another hot topic today on Hit the Mic, we’re taking on pricing. I’m joined by the very smart Rebecca Tracey, and she’s sharing her tips to get started with pricing and how to raise your prices. She’s sharing her methods on creating prices that work for you! A little about Rebecca… Rebecca Tracey is

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Today is a BIG day, I’m excited to be celebrating the 50th episode of Hit the Mic. I LOVE doing this podcast so thank you for your continued support and for listening and sharing and asking your questions. I really do adore hearing from you. To celebrate I thought I’d share another piece of my

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During my first live show someone asked about LinkedIn, and I’ll be honest, it’s not one of my favorite networks so I decided to bring in some big guns. Karen Yankovich is a LinkedIn pro and breaks down the case for us giving it a little more of our time. I’ve been doing more with

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I’m sharing a little behind the scenes fun today all about beta testing. I’m sharing why I’ve done it and also how I do it. If you’re currently launching a new product or program I’d love to hear why you choose to beta test, or why you choose not to beta test. Resources My chat

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I had a great time chatting with Melissa this week, even if once again she put the smackdown on the idea of me being stuck… We also talk accountability buddies, masterminding, and of course finding what works for YOU! A little about Melissa… Melissa Penton is a Friend with ‘Life Changing’ Benefits (the technical term

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Had a great time sitting down with Farideh, she’s so much fun. We talk a bit about what got her off the road and into marketing. We also chat about podcasting, and asshole marketing. Clearly it’s not to be missed! A little about Farideh… Farideh (fair-a-day) has spent her life in creative entrepreneurship. As a

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Consistency is one of those topics that come up again and again in business. Even if it’s not something you’re struggling with right now, it’s something you have struggled with and probably will again. I’m getting honest about how I’ve struggled with it and how I’ve changed it. Making those changes totally transformed my business.

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Sitting down with Pamela Wills today and talking about really powerful topics. First we tackle public speaking and Pamela is sharing one big tip to get through that fear. Next up we tackle the topic of shifting your business focus, something she’s dealing with right now. It’s a fabulous interview and Pamela shares some really

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