I’m breaking down why YOU should be a part of Google+ communities. I even chat a bit about why you should start one (and how easy it is to do it). You definitely don’t want to miss this so give it a listen today. If I leave anything out, hit the comments and let me know […]

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We’re getting down and dirty today and taking on money! Stephanie is sharing the things we MUST be doing, starting with seperating our business and personal finances. All with her own amazing humor. A little about Stephanie… Stephanie Cleary is a Certified Financial PlannerTM who doesn’t own a single grey flannel suit. She busts through money

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I had an amazing time doing the live show, be sure to let me know if you enjoyed at well, maybe we’ll do another one, or even make it a more regular thing if you guys are into it. We covered everything from LinkedIn to Pinterst, and we talked A LOT about Google+ and the

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We’re talking food today! More importantly we’re talking about eating food that actually provides value and is GOOD for you, even when you have NO time. We’re giving shoutouts to our favorite tips and tools we use to manage our hunger, and our meals when there is NO time for it. Be sure to hit

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I’m answering a question sent in on Facebook this week. It’s all about blogging and how often. I’m going head to head with the idea that “content is king”, mostly because it isn’t. It’s really matter of quality, and that is true for ALL sorts of content. Don’t miss it and be sure to hit the

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I know a lot of us come across the idea to write a book or are frustrated trying to get ahead on blog posts, plus guest posts! It’s A LOT of writing. Today we sit down with my friend, and writer, Amanda Shofner. She’s telling us how to get some writing actually done, and also

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After my last Google+ episode I heard from a lot of you who said Google+ is just so different from Facebook and you can’t understand it. Today I’m taking that on. I’m sharing 3 ways Google+ and Facebook are similar and 3 ways they’re different. The other point I want to make before you listen

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Today I’m sitting down with Jessica Kupferman. We’re talking about the amazing power of podcasting. Jessica is offering some really great insights on everything from what’s holding you back from podcasting to getting interviews and how WE do it! This is a can’t miss episode if you’re looking for new ways to rock your business,

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As more and more people join the social media game it gets  more and more crowded. Which is great, we’re able to connect with more people than we have ever had access to before. The downside is it can be a A LOT of noise. It can be tough to get through the constant updates

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First of all this episode contains a shoutout to my FAVORITE review so far. It’s seriously awesome and I’m compared to House of Cards. Bit thanks to Yoneva for leaving it because it made my day!! Also I’m joined by Amanda Cook and together we’re talking about making your email marketing work well. Amanda shares her big

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