From my first episode I’ve had a lot of questions about how and why I decided to start a podcast, this increased after I was quoted in a recent Forbes article by Nathalie Lussier. This of course leads me to today’s episode, all about how and why I started Hit the Mic with Stacey Harris. […]

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One of the big dreams of many online entrepreneurs is passive income. The ability to put content out there and have people pay to get access. Today’s guest, Corey Freeman, has done exactly that. Through her journey with entrepreneurship, Headway, and WordPress she found she had a passion for empowering people to do things themselves

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I spent some really amazing time over the weekend with some amazing ladies at an event in Miami, Thrive Hive Live. My entire flight home Sunday night I was thinking about the power that comes from connecting with people in person. I’m obviously a HUGE fan of social media networking and networking online, I’m a

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If you’re figuring out what your brand is this is a can’t miss episode. If you have a brand but you’re ready to take it from good to great, this is a can’t miss episode. Julie gives us some actionable tips and great reminders to get our brand in better shape. Listen in and learn

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As I approached the beta test for my upcoming Google+ guide I asked some people what the hesitation was about jumping into Google+. Those folks gave mostly gave me some variation of one of the 3 reasons I’m sharing today. It’s time guys! Join Google+ and take advantage of the amazing tools like Communities to

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In today’s episode I’m sitting down with Jan Havice of Make Mention Media. She’s a rock star copywriter and she’s sharing some great insights with us on A/B Testing,  great copy, and is sharing an amazing tool to rock your about page. Be sure to listen and share your insights over at the hashtag #HittheMic A

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I’m climbing up on my soapbox today and getting a bit ranty. On the up side though today’s rant does have a focus, LinkedIn. Now it’s not something that LinkedIn did it’s actually more about how people are using it. Give the show a listen and be sure that you’re avoiding these BIG LinkedIn mistakes.

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Today we’re talking about talking, well sort of. I’m sitting down with Chantelle Adams and we’re talking about getting you and your message in front of the people! Now don’t get hung up on the speaking topic if you’re not interested in presenting in front of large groups live and in person because Chantelle shares

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I had such an amazing time at WordCamp Phoenix last weekend. This is one of my favorite events of the year and I do go every year. This is actually my third WordCamp Phoenix and I was so honored to actually speak this year. It was amazing! Take a listen to the show and hear

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So many of us feel overwhelmed either by business or life at some point or another. Welcome in Becca of Thank The Now and find a way to add a little more mindfulness and if you’re interested some mediation in a way that’s not just ANOTHER THING YOU HAVE TO DO. Check out our chat

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