Today we’re talking about being authentic, but beyond that, we’re also talking about staying private. It’s tough to balance both but it’s doable. Listen to the show and find out exactly how then hit the comments and tell me how you manage the balancing act! Remember you can get a shout out on a future

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I’ve got another fabulous interview for you today. We’re connecting with Amanda Shofner and talking about a lot of really great stuff. We cover blog events, writing, and self-publishing. I know there are A LOT of us who are working on book projects and Amanda offers some great insights on the whole process after publishing

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In today’s episode, we’re breaking down Facebook ads. A little warning though I go on a bit of an engagement tangent (not really surprising). I also talk about boosted posts, the power editor, and of course things you can do to rock out your time on Facebook without buying ads. Don’t blame Facebook, make it

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Today’s episode is my very first interview and I’m so honored to be joined by Jules Taggart of Amp & Pivot. We talk a lot about building communities (Jules and her partner have built a fab one), live events, and having an affiliate program. It’s a fabulous interview and I want to once again thank

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I am crazy excited to be sharing my FIRST podcast with you guys today. This has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I’m finally doing! Today I’m taking a question from one of you fab folks, I’m answering a question someone sent in about where to get started and how

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