Podcast Production Services

Take your podcast from time suck to valued sales asset. Because your podcast should be built to generate and convert leads.

Feeling burned out by an endless cycle of podcast tasks that you don't understand and have no idea how to manage?

We get that. Clients come to us every day frustrated and exhausted by trying to keep up with running a business and managing their show.

Maybe this is you too, you know your show works, BUT YOU’RE…

  • Craving the ability to hand over your recording and TRUST that what you need will be handed back to you. 
  • Burned out on the endless cycle of planning, recording, and releasing content. 
  • Worried your podcast could be doing MORE for your business and are desperate for a new perspective (you just feel too in the weeds to see what’s next).

The reality is you're spending too much time creating content. You're on an endless cycle of to-do's that drain your energy.

Or worse… 

You have a team you aren't sure how to manage because you're not a Sony record producer (that’s why people like us exist).

To sum it up,  your show is working, but you just keep saying…


What if Podcasting Didn't Have to be Hard?

It’s possible to have your very own podcast producer. 

Someone to hold your hand (and occasionally hair) as you navigate putting out a show that is actual support to your sales process. 

That serves your listener and your business.

Uncommonly More clients feel confident, connected, and supported by their process. Because they use OUR process.

Each client of Uncommonly More works with a dedicated Podcast Manager and a custom dashboard so you can feel connected to your process and our team.

And you could be next, you could feel...

  • Confident in what you need to do, and more importantly, in what we’re doing FOR you.
  • Connected with the content, and the process. 
  • Supported in upleveling your show from good to great.

Why Uncommonly More?

At Uncommonly More, we know you're a creative sort and you don't like to be confined to a plan. This is exactly why we handle that for you. Think of yourself like Beyonce. You show up at the recording booth (or your closet) and hit the mic. We do everything else.

This means you are showing up with your best stuff, because well, let’s be real, the last thing the internet needs is more noise. 

We build systems that work FOR you, over and over again. On repeat without you having to always be in creation mode. We know that life happens. We know that kids get sick, pandemics happen, or you just need a break. Running around on the never-ending hamster wheel of content creation for content creation sake SUCKS.

We're going to let our results speak for themselves...

podcast production company testimonials

Tara Newman

The Bold Money Revolution

The Uncommonly More team allows me to work once but deliver many times.

I hit record and that’s it. 

It’s also made converting sales much easier.

Usually, by the time people get on a sales call with me, they have listened to the show and are simply wanting to have a conversation but they are already a yes to working with me.

When you have a show that’s designed to generate leads so I can convert them to sales, the ROI is baked in.

The show pays for itself.

This isn’t just about clean audio.
In fact, that’s the LEAST important part of our job.

And that’s saying something considering our CEO has an actual degree in Audio Engineering. 

Podcast production with Uncommonly More is about using your podcast to generate, nurture, and convert leads.

When you start thinking about the customer journey (stay with me) our whole job as business owners is to move them from “I don’t know what my problem is” to a solved problem.

The kinds of podcasts we produce live in that part of the journey where the listener is AWARE of the problem, but likely not yet aware of the solution. And, let’s be real, sometimes not aware of what the ACTUAL problem is, just the symptom. 

Your job is to start answering the questions they have (and the ones they don’t know they have). When you start building content to speak to those questions you start building an actual asset library. 

This asset library is the CONVERTING part of your podcast. These are episodes you send in follow-up sequences (automated or manually after a sales call). These podcasts can be broken into social media posts and recreated as emails or even blog posts for other sites.

Your Podcast Production Package Includes: 

  • Access to our streamlined process and expertise so your show can be truly up-leveled
  • Your own Podcast Dashboard where you can see ALL your data and where we are in production
  • Quarterly check-in with the UM team to make sure we stay aligned with our schedule and process (oh and this is when we build content plans for the next quarter)
  • A team of editors, content writers, designers, and audio engineers behind you so that you KNOW your podcast will be ready to go. No worrying about sick days or last-minute emergencies.

Beyond that we offer you all the nuts and bolts: 

Strategic Support

  • Quarterly review of show branding, descriptions, etc.
  • Quarterly planning sessions so you know exactly what to record
  • Support in building ASSETS, not episodes, so that you can see more conversions from your podcast.

Project Management

  • Management of your podcast process from start to finish
  • Google Drive folder organization for audio files, show notes, transcripts, audiograms, and graphics
  • Feedback on any improvements (to audio, topics, calls to action for example) 

Post-Production (after you’ve recorded your episodes) 

  • Professional-level audio mixing and editing for intros, outros, and midrolls for each episode
  • Set up of show details with hosting account
  • Podcast cover graphic per episode
  • 4 social assets per episode 
  • Custom show notes per episode 
  • Transcript for episode

Distribution and Support 

  • Upload edited episodes to your podcast host
  • Upload show notes
  • Embed episodes to your website
  • Create a short link

Investment for weekly shows starts at $1800/Month with a 12-month contract


About Your Podcast Production Team

The BEST part of working with us at Uncommonly More is that you get your very own production team. 

Team means DEPTH. Depth of skill sets, and depth of coverage. Life happens to ALL OF US, but because we’re a TEAM we’re able to step up and cover anything that happens on those rare occasions.  This means you avoid the stress or delays that can come up when you’re working with a solo contractor. 

Team gives us some confidence in the finished production. After you record an episode, and BEFORE it’s released, at least 2 (if not 3) people have listened to it. We’ve got more eyes and ears catching errors, hiccups, or snafus before your listeners hear a thing.

Team allows each team member to focus on THEIR ZONE OF GENIUS - podcast strategy, audio editing, show notes creation, project management - so you get the best from each of us. 

Plus, you’re going to be working with a dedicated Podcast Manager. That means you’ll have the support, but not the management (!) of your podcast team or process.

Yes, we have a team of editors, production assistants, and production managers ready to take your podcast to the next level. 

Hit Chat with Uncommonly More above and book your time to learn more about when we can start producing your show.

We have an entire podcast episode on this one (check it out here), but three things EVERY client needs to know before they hire us are: 

  • Who are you working with (ideal clients)
  • What is the purpose of your podcast
  • How are you currently selling to customers

If you are clear on these questions (and already have a podcast!) then this is a match for you.

Just click the “Chat with Uncommonly More” button on this page to schedule your initial call with us where we learn more about each other and if this is a true fit. There are a couple of questions to answer while you schedule your call, these are just to make sure our team is prepared to meet you and can jump right in.

We keep communication easy. We provide each of our clients with their own custom dashboards. That dashboard is where you’ll see links to your Drive folder (where you’ll upload episode assets), see where in the process each episode is, and have the ability to leave messages for our team.

You can hear more about BTS of our process here.

To get started, all you need are your hosting details, website details, and a clear look at what you’re selling in the next 90 days.

Bonus points if you already have things like your podcast intro and outro, social media templates, and brand assets for graphics. If you don’t have these, we can work on it as part of your kick off with us though, so don’t stress out too much here.

Our team works with a minimum 14 day lead time. That means, for example, that our clients need to have a podcast meant to go live on the 14th of the month to us by the 1st of that month. This gives us plenty of time for production AND your team enough time to prep social media, email, etc. so that the show gets marketed effectively.

Go for it! The only thing to realize is that we still need to stick to our lead time of 14 days, but the plan is in PENCIL (figuratively). We make space for your inspiration by having our plan, so if something needs to get moved around, it can be! Just let our team know (that’ll be easy to do in your dashboard) and we make whatever changes are necessary.

That’s up to you. Ideally you already have some episodes recorded, which gives us a bit of lead time. This is what allows us to jump right into supporting you. If you don’t have your first few episodes you want us to produce already recorded it will simply delay when we can jump in on production.

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