Preventing the Tech Crisis with Nikole Gipps

This episode is a bit of a “Scared Straight: Tech Edition”, but it’s awesome! In addition to making you aware of possible issues, Nikole is giving us actionable steps to prevent this stuff.

Nikole shares security issues, plugin issues, and even how you can keep your site from slowing down. If you’ve got hosting questions especially be sure to listen to the whole episode because Nikole has great insights on choosing a host and also moving from one host to another towards the end.

A little about Nikole…

Avoid The Tech Crisis with Nikole GippsNikole is the girl behind the cape at That Super Girl, spending her time rescuing entrepreneurs from all the tech stuff that breaks in their lives. From hosting dilemmas to site speed issues, hacked sites to plugin tweaks – Nikole handles it all.


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iThemes Security

Limit Login

Liquid Web

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