One on One Marketing Strategy Sessions customized and personalized to you and your business.

Sometimes you just need to sit down and talk it out... so let’s do it!

Instead of struggling through mapping out your marketing strategy, or reviewing your analytics, or thinking about your next content ideas, book time with us and we can do it together. 

The reality is we all hit a point in our business where we get stuck or overwhelmed and wish we could just power through our questions/situation/ideas with someone. 

If only there was someone who got it. Someone who could help us stop spinning and start taking the right action…luckily there is!

We created these two single session options for exactly this reason. To help you move through a question, idea, or problem you are facing. The only choice you have to make based on your needs you want a single hour or a half-day session?

These single sessions (one hour or half-day) is perfect for you if you don’t want or need ongoing marketing support, but still want some help moving forward.

Often clients come to us wanting to sift through a specific problem or idea and just need someone to help with this one-off item. Whether that means working on a task you want to be done together, mapping out your action plan, brainstorming new ideas, getting you unstuck, or any other number of possibilities, we’re here for you. 

Here’s an idea of how others have used these sessions (don’t see your need on here? Don’t worry, this list isn’t exhaustive, contact us to see if we can help with what you need):

  • To figure out which social media platforms to focus on
  • To dive deep into a pressing marketing question 
  • To brainstorm a content calendar or structure for a podcast
  • To create the basis of a marketing strategy that can be reused 
  • To create an effective landing page structure
  • To develop the core of a successfully converting funnel 
  • To learn how to repurpose content
  • To map out an email campaign sequence
  • To gather tips on how to improve a podcast 
  • To dig into analytics and get clear on what that means for their business
  • To gain insight around how they can increase engagement and audience growth on their social media platforms
  • To get clear on what should be delegated vs. keep doing personally
  • Building out the core of a 30, 60, or 90 day marketing plan

You’ll be surprised how much can be covered in these sessions! 

Just imagine, the thing that felt like it might take forever? The thing you’ve been pushing off and to the bottom of your list? We’ll wrap it up together. Plus at the end of each call you’ll get whatever we’ve documented together via Google Drive + a full recording of your session so you can revisit and dig deeper on what we’ve covered.

Still not sure if you need an hour of help? This will help: 

A Marketing Strategy Session is Right For You IF:

  • You feel stuck on a decision or idea and need help seeing how to move forward
  • You know that you need to work on your new [funnel, email campaign, content, podcast bio, etc.] but need some direction or help in getting started
  • You recognize that your business is unique and therefore the attention, help, and decisions around it need to be unique too
  • You would like to bounce some ideas off someone who understands your business
  • You’re ready to actually work IN your business instead of ON your business
  • You are ready to get individualized help for your business, not just some generic formula, checklist or blueprint 
  • You have one or two areas you are stuck and just need some targeted help to work through them
  • You have a mile-long task list and aren’t sure where to start prioritizing your marketing

A Marketing Strategy Session is NOT Right For You IF: 

  • You want someone to do the work for you (we’re in this call together, we won’t be doing it all FOR you, but we will work WITH you)
  • You aren’t quite ready to actually get unstuck
  • You want a generic response or plan to move forward 
  • You don’t have an idea of what you’d like to cover in our time together

Taking the time to step out of your task list and into working on your business is powerful, and the best way to build momentum.

We invite you to start with the first action step by booking a one hour or half-day session with us to focus where you need. 

We have limited spots for these sessions, book yours at the button below to get clear, unstuck, and moving forward in your business now!

12 Month "Done For You" Marketing Strategy

Ready for a full-fledged marketing strategy? Then our Done For You Marketing Strategy is meant for you

Instead of spinning your wheels learning all things marketing, allow our team to build the individualized digital marketing strategy you need to reach your goals.

We’ll dive into what’s currently working (and not working) for you, your goals, analytics, and ideal clients to create a realistic growth strategy.

The process is simple: 

  1. We kick off with a 60-minute interview. During this call, your strategist will ask about your 12-month goals, your ideal clients, your current offerings, and more. Essentially digging into exactly what's happening for your business over the next 12 months.
  2. From there, our team gets to work on diving into your existing stats and using the data from our call to create your 12-month marketing plan.
  3. Once our strategy is done we'll come together for a second call to hand off the strategy and talk about next steps. If you continue to work with our team for management of your new strategy, we'll then ramp into those services. If you're using this with your own team we will connect and delegate to those team members and be available for 30 days (via email or Slack) for questions and follow up.

When we're done you'll have a strategy that:

  • Solidifies your digital marketing plan as a cohesive, intentional system, one where each piece supports and builds on another so you and your team know exactly where to focus, giving you back precious time and energy
  • Maps out your analytics baselines, goals, and growth plans
  • Builds a story from your data to clearly lay out a direction for content creation
  • Includes a full audit of how your marketing and funnels have been working so we know where we can improve and where we can double down.
  • Makes you visible to the right people at the right time, through the right channel, so you can make the impact you’ve been trying to make  
  • Accelerates community growth, engagement, and connection so your community can begin to go forward and spread your impact even further
  • Teaches you how to avoid time sucks, show up consistently, and automate your processes so you can dive in where your business, clients (and family!) need you most
  • Gives you clarity on how your advertising, social channels, and sales funnels are accelerating your business so you can feel confident in your investments
  • Provides you the nuances of social media strategy so you know where to show up, when to show up, and how to provide depth of content, personality, and trust to your clients
  • Builds your online authority so you can book that dream podcast interview or media appearance
  • Demystifies the analytics behind your communication channels and funnels so you can make informed decisions

Our biggest promise with your Done For You Strategy is that we will NEVER sell you a generic blueprint. 

We don't have a magic formula that works for everyone. But we do, however, have the right questions we need to ask so we can create your own custom blueprint for where you're at right now.

That's right, what if you had a blueprint made JUST FOR YOU that you could roll out each quarter and know that you had everything you needed to market your business?

That’s our goal with these strategies.

This one of a kind, Done For You package is right for you if…

  • You are ready to stop chasing someone else's blanket formula for marketing your business and instead have your own.
  • You have existing offers that are profitable and a clear picture of what your offerings and goals are for the next 12-24 months.
  • You know the value of having a solid marketing strategy in place, you just need some outside perspective to help you design the best plan of action
  • You know who you serve and how you serve them, you just want to streamline the process and make sure you're getting the most out of your marketing
  • You feel overwhelmed by your current marketing plan and need one that better aligns to the reality of your day today 
  • You don’t have time (or the expertise)  to dig into a marketing strategy for your business, you’d rather leave that to the experts and run with it
  • You are looking for a marketing team that is willing to listen to your needs, incorporate what’s working for you, and walk you through your next best steps
  • You are ready to commit to a strategy that works for you and your business 

A Done For You package is NOT right for you if…

  • You don’t have a clear vision of what you are selling and who you are selling it to (if that’s you, a Marketing  Strategy Session is a great place to get clarity on these foundational ideas) 
  • You don’t value a uniquely tailored marketing strategy specific to your business
  • You’d rather learn all you can about marketing and make your own plan

We're committed to your success and creating you a strategy that fits your and your business’ needs. 

Plus, as part of the last step in the process, we can also work with you to hire an in house team, train your existing team, or handle the execution of your strategy with our team. What matters most is that the next steps are taken around the execution of this strategy, don’t let team logistics be what holds you back now.

As a trusted marketing team for female entrepreneurs, we can’t wait to help you grow your business with a customized and approachable marketing plan. 

Once your strategy is complete we can start to look at our ongoing monthly support options. Learn more about those here.

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