Should You Have Guests on Your Podcast

Are you keeping up with the times in your approach to guest podcast content creation?

Very few podcast shows existed a decade ago, but things move with lightning speed online. And while podcasts have exponentially exploded in the last 10 or so years, some of the expert information about having podcast guests on your show from way back when still gets peddled around.

For instance, you might think that having guests is like having the Flash Pass at Six Flags–a shortcut solution that lets you skip the line and go straight to the thrill of audience growth for your podcast. But the reality is they might actually serve as a distraction for listeners.

So should you not bother having guests on at all? Podcast guests can be really impactful for shows. But a lot of the nuance in this conversation has been missing and keeps causing the parties involved to miss out on maximizing the potential of guest appearances.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, you’ll discover how to feature guests on your show differently so that you, the guests, and your audience all come out as winners. I’ll teach you how to make sure each guest episode on your podcast is valuable moving forward.

6:28 – What you don’t want when you bring guests onto your podcast

7:56 – The best way to grow your show (but why it can also be tricky)

10:32 – The most frequent mistake I see from podcasters (and one I made myself at the beginning)

14:32 – Two things having any guest on should do for your show

21:42 – The conversation around guest podcasting that gets me on my soapbox

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