3 Things You Must Know – September 2018

Hello, love. Welcome to Episode 413. This is Three Things You Need to Know September 2018. I’m stoked to be doing this episode because it’s been a while since we did a three things episode. I am really excited to be back in the podcast flow, habit and structure. As much as I liked taking some time away and pausing and seeing what happened, and we talked about that in the last episode, I kind of missed the structure and I missed providing content in this way and connecting with you in this way, so I am excited.

I’m going to jump right in today because this is so, so, so important for you to to make it and to do this month. We’re going to talk about looking ahead of Q4, we’re going to talk about some network tweaks, but we’re going to also talk about the importance of being a human online.

Adding a Facebook Pixel to Your Group

Number one gets the tech stuff out of the way. You may have seen, you may not have seen Facebook Pixels have come to groups, not all groups though. Essentially, what this is going to allow you to do is target based on engagement and time spent in groups, which is going to be hugely valuable for a lot of group owners, especially those of you using a group as a marketing tool, because now you’ll be able to actually retarget those people based on their membership and really connecting with how they’re consuming content in your group.

Here’s the deal though. It’s only for groups with 250 people or more. Now, if you run a paid group without many people, you may still have or you will still have this Pixel, and yes, it can still be hugely valuable, you can retarget to increase engagement or to upsell, lots of different options, but no matter what, again 250 people are going to be required in your group before you’ll have access to the Pixel. The Pixel will be the same Pixel you use in your website. Once you have that option, you will see in your group settings area, a Facebook Pixel sort of line on the General Settings page, and you’ll have the option to choose a Pixel should you have multiple Pixel access points. You know what I’m saying, right? If you manage more than one ads account, so you have more than one Pixel, you’ll be able to choose the one that’s appropriate for you.

Most people who listen to this won’t run into that but you might, if you run more than one page and more than one ads account. All right, so that’s the first sort of tech thing out of the way. Again, this is going to be super cool. It’s going to be really powerful for a lot of people as long as you have it. I hope it rolls out to groups of under 250 but we’ve played with it a little bit with some client groups and it’s really, really cool.

Finalize Your Q4 Plans… NOW!

Number two, if you’re looking to plan something in quarter 4, be it a launch, be it a sale, be it a special offer, be it a promotion of an evergreen product or whatever, you got to start wrapping up stuff up right now. This is something that comes up and we’ve talked about this in the past. In fact, I talked about this a couple of months ago and I said that was the time to start thinking about it. Now is the time to start wrapping up those projects so getting your Facebook ads done, any sequences that need to be written, any copy, any deliverables that need to be created, that stuff needs to be happening.

Ideally, it’s wrapping up this month, because you don’t want to be in that promo period when you’re also trying to put these things together. It’s a recipe for stress especially, and we’re going to talk a bit in our third item as well, especially when we’re talking about it being a peak sale time. We have a lot of people promoting a lot of things right now and we want to make sure that your stuff gets the attention it deserves. We want to make sure your stuff gets the time and the spotlight if you will. I want you to be wrapping up all of those promo materials, all of those things that you need to have done, start wrapping them up now.

If you’ve not yet made the decision around things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, holiday sales, whatever, that decision needs to be made now. Realistically, if you can’t get the materials together rather quickly, or you don’t already have built whatever it is you want to sell, I would say no. I know you want to take advantage and that’s cool but if you don’t yet have the pieces together, you’re going to give yourself a lot of stress to try and put this whole thing together before that sale period.

I highly, highly, highly recommend really taking an honest look at what is going to be required for you to get done what needs to get done to deliver the value in which you want to deliver it, all right? Pay attention to that for sure and be looking at what’s going to make sense for you as far as a promotional calendar.

Don’t forget to be a person… a WHOLE person.

Speaking of that, item number three, we’re going to wrap it up with this. You know I like to keep these three things episodes short. As you’re going into launch season, there are a lot of people watching a lot of things over the next couple of months, memberships and courses and coaching packages and all of those things, I want to sort of split this into two things. A, if you’re launching something, remember to be a human. Remember to be sharing the connection point that you provide. Remember to be making it really clear what that differential is for working with you, for connecting with you.

Instagram Stories is a great way to do this. Live video is a great way to do this. Mixing in your really well crafted, really well staged, beautifully shot photos with the occasional more casual, dare I say selfie like photo, adding some personality to that marketing, giving your community something to connect with, it is a really, really easy way to again act like a human but also give your audience a connection point, give them something to hook into and really become bonded with them, really become a source of trust and value and know that when I think of a, I go to this person when I need b, this is who I go to unapologetically without fail. This is my person for this thing.

We all obviously have lots of people for lots of things but that bond comes from connecting as a human. It’s easy to see the polish and the shine and the wonder that is some of these thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars ad campaigns but that’s not always the most successful, and a lot of times it’s successful because it’s partnered with a little bit of humanity, a little bit of knocking off the pedestal a little bit honestly, like really getting clear about this is the value and this is the point and this is why I’m doing that.

On the flip side of that, if you are in the market for some forces, or if you’re seeing some of these sales opportunities and these promos, and you’re like oh my gosh, there are so many things I’m supposed to be doing that I’m not doing, I want you to take a deep breath and I want you to step back and I want you to look at objectively what you need now, not what the ad or the webinar or the nurture sequence is convincing you that you need now. What do you actually need right now to start incrementally moving yourself closer to your goals, not big picture moving you all the way to your goals by 2019 as in the next four months, but incrementally, what do you need to move yourself closer to the goals you set for 2018, because here’s the deal guys. It’s September 4, the day this episode came out.

It’s not the end of the year. It’s not time for you to pack it in. It’s time for you to do whatever’s next, take the next step, it doesn’t have to be a big one. Don’t let launch season convince you otherwise, okay? I want you to really be looking at what do I need right now.

Maybe that’s a business coach. Maybe that’s a marketing coach. Maybe that is an accountability partner. Maybe that’s a mastermind. Maybe that’s a course. Maybe that’s learning to do a very specific thing because you want to do something specific with that next. Maybe that’s adding somebody to your team. Maybe that’s attending a really cool event next year. Maybe that’s unplugging and taking some time off. Whatever it is, make sure that you’re paying attention to what you need, not what other people are doing telling you is required for their version of success.

I hope that was helpful, again super quick one, in and out today. If you have any questions at any time of course, head on over to the Facebook page  or the place I’m spending the most time these days is legit Instagram. I’m obsessed in like the best, most healthy way.

All right, again, if you have any questions, I will see you online. Otherwise, I will see you on Thursday for the live show over on the Facebook page. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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