Stand Up and Speak with Chantelle Adams

Today we’re talking about talking, well sort of. I’m sitting down with Chantelle Adams and we’re talking about getting you and your message in front of the people!

Now don’t get hung up on the speaking topic if you’re not interested in presenting in front of large groups live and in person because Chantelle shares some fab tips for all sorts of speaking down to doing things like a video blogs and podcasts. We’re also talking a bit about courage and she shares some REALLY cool stuff around embracing that fear and being courageous.

A Bit About Chantelle….

Stand Up and Speak with Chantelle Adams on #HittheMicChantelle is a Courage and Speech Coach who colours way outside the lines.  She is armed and ready to help savvy (yet sometimes fear induced) women business wonder like you set your biz and life ablaze by seeing right through the BS that keeps you stuck, while figuring out what is really holding you back so you can start walking your talk and create the life and biz you want.  She will also help you go from unknown to Celebrity Status by getting you ready to rock the stage and step into the spotlight.  Now is your time to shine!


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