Stop Trying to Sell Your Services with Podcast Episode Titles

For service-based business owners using their podcasts to generate, educate, and convert right-fit clients, each podcast element needs to be built to do one of those jobs.

To use your podcast to sell your services, you first need to sell your podcast, and that’s the real job of your episode title. Essentially, the title is built to GENERATE, not CONVERT. So, where does conversion start? That’s what we’re digging into today.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, get clear on what each element of your podcast buys from the listener. We talk about how your podcast’s different elements are built to generate, educate, and convert your listener. And how these jobs shift as you look at a private rather than a public podcast.

1:15 – How my client conversations and sales calls inspire content for The More Profitable Podcast

3:50 – The job of the episode title in your podcast 

6:20 – Being intentional about who your show is built to nurture

9:45 – Why it’s important to start with “generating” no matter how familiar the listener is with your podcast

11:45 – When to make your call to action to a paid offer in a public podcast

12:45 – When to make your calls to action to a paid offer in a private podcast

16:00 – What education looks like when you’re using a podcast to sell services

19:00 – The reality of the transaction happening between podcast host and podcast listener

21:20 – The questions to ask yourself as you audit your podcast for these elements

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