Podcast Housekeeping: Strategically Repurposing Your Content

If you’ve ever needed a break from your podcast but still wanted to release the content you’re listeners expect, it’s time to consider repurposed content. Today’s episode is answering the three most common questions we hear from podcasters ready to re-release past episodes. 

This also kicks off a series of me doing exactly what I’m telling you to do. This episode is a new addition to a series we’re re-releasing starting next week. The Podcast Housekeeping series and it’s our primary example as we move through this episode so that you can see inside what to consider when doing this in your own show.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we look at the timing questions that come up for re-released content, if you need to let your listeners know, and how to know what kind of content to repurpose. When you’re creating strategic content assets from the start and not just checking production boxes week to week to get something (anything) out, this gets easy. Listen in and learn how.

4:50 – How many episodes does your podcast need before you can re-release an episode?

8:00 – The role strategy plays in creating episodes that are reusable assets.

9:45 – How often can you re-release an episode of your podcast?

11:00 – Can I record a year’s worth of content and then just release it year after year?

15:50 – Do I need to let the listener know it’s a re-released episode of my podcast?

19:00 – How to let listeners know an episode is re-released (and how not to).

21:45 – How do I choose what episodes of my podcast to re-release?

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