Successfully Running Two Businesses with Kellie Adkins

There is SO much value in the one, Kellie’s advice is a must listen. Grab your pen because if you run 1 business or you run 12 businesses you’ll get some serious takeaways here.

Everything from ideal clients, to knowing your niche, to the importance of passion, but why it’s not enough.

A little about Kellie…

episode95Kellie Adkins is a holistic business and marketing mentor and certified yoga therapist. Kellie’s clients are multipassionate and purpose fueled creatives who, with her guidance, are making big changes in the world of conscious business and yoga education. As the founder of Third Jewel Consulting, Kellie provides holistic business support to the conscious, creative entrepreneur. As the Director of the Wisdom Method School of Yoga, Kellie provides integrative yoga therapeutic education worldwide.

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