The Podcast Newsroom - The News You Need for A More Profitable Podcast

The News You Need for A More Profitable Podcast

Welcome to Episode 535 of this podcast. I have a really special announcement today, so I’m not going to do any of the preamble stuff about how exciting this is, because it just is, and so I want to get into it.

I’m super stoked to announce something that has been on my mind for quite a while, and I couldn’t figure out what it’ll look like totally, until really recently. It was funny. Once I sort of got my brain around, what I wanted it to look like, all came together really quickly, which is a story for another day, but I’m super stoked.

We are launching a brand new podcast.

In addition to this show, so a second podcast. Here’s the deal, though. This podcast is going to be private, meaning to subscribe to this podcast, you need to go often and be a part of our e-mail communications, to get access to this feed. The reason for that is because this second podcast is going to be a little less frequent. We’re only going to be releasing episodes once a month, but there will also be sort of some first stop stuff that happens there.

This show, of course, is strategically put together, and there’s rhymes and reasons for why we talk about certain things. When we talk about things, we repurpose a lot of things here, and this show will continue to be that. It’ll continue to be this resource that it has always been. This new show, which by the way, is titled, The Podcast Newsroom, is a little different.

It’s going to be news.

Once a month, we will be talking about what you need to know that month to get better, more profitable results from your podcast. This will be like an action list of what you should be doing to get results, and also, what you need to be aware of. I’m going to do a little preview in today’s episode. I’ll share that in just a second, but that’s what this episode is built to be.

In addition to that though, as there is something that you need to know now, I’m going to share it. Occasionally, I’ll be dropping 3-minute, 5-minute, and 10-minute episodes where I’m just jumping in to tell you something you need to know. Again, that’s what we’re going to do an example of today. I am stoked for this show because it will be the first place I share news and updates. It will be shared there, and that link will go out to the e-mail list, and that’s how you’ll know about it.

The cool thing is, you can still listen to it wherever you want. If it gets missed in an e-mail, you’ll see it in your podcast feed. All you have to do to make sure that you get access to this private podcast is to go to

Again, this is a completely private feed.

So you’re not going to be able to get it by just searching in your favorite podcast provider. You will need to sign up first. Once you sign up, you will be e-mailed access to the show.

Now, even better, occasionally, and we don’t have it so far, in future episodes, we have actually something planned for September’s episode, there’s going to be additional content like in the way of workbooks, worksheets, things like that. You’ll also get access to a private training library, where whenever there is an episode that goes out with additional content, that’s where you’ll find that videos, PDFs, links, things like that, will be in that space. Again, as those things are available for episodes, you’ll get an e-mail with the links to whatever it is that you need to access. All of that is going to be set up.

Basically, I’ll be using the secondary podcast as a more training and resource library kind of tool. You’ll only be able to get access to it by being on the Uncommonly More list. You will get weekly updates with episodes of this show, as well. When we have things going on in Uncommonly More, you’ll get those updates, as well. It’s really the best way to stay connected to what’s happening around here, anyways, but access to that private podcast is definitely going to be worth getting in on, if nothing else.

Head over to Spoiler alert. If you go to the show notes of this episode in whatever podcast player you’re listening to this, there is a link to that there, as well. Also, you can remember, I believe in you, I believe.

Let’s talk a little bit about what we’re going to talk about on this show. Let’s give you a little example of what’s in the August episode of the show. How’s that sound? What I want to talk about as we kick off August, is this. This is literally a conversation I’ve had with, at this point, I think, every, single client of ours, in the last couple of weeks. It makes me nervous, too.

Apple has announced that there is some issue happening on the back end with download reporting on Apple podcasts. When you have somebody subscribed to your podcast or what they’re calling automatic downloads setup, then there’s an issue where it’s downloading on the listener’s side. You’re subscribed to the Uncommonly More show, it got downloaded on your side, no problem. Here’s where there’s a hiccup, though. It may not have shown up on my side, in my stats report area in my podcast host. On our show, we use Lipson, but whatever that may be, Anchor, it doesn’t matter; the host is irrelevant because it’s actually on the Apple side where the error’s happening.

You may have seen some podcasters talking about how you need to go and unsubscribe and re-subscribe, or that it may be causing an issue with actually getting your downloads. I’ve not actually seen that to be true anywhere. What I have seen is that it’s just not reporting on the back end, which is, again, what Apple reported in their press release about this. They also said, there’d be a fix. Now, they didn’t say what it was coming, so we’ll see it, but I don’t know when. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks.

Honestly, between you and me, and the speaker box, the new Apple podcast player’s not my favorite. As a consumer, I’m finding myself ending up more on Spotify. I’d love to hear where you’re listening to podcasts these days, but the reason I bring that up is because what I want to make super clear here is it’s absolutely critical that we’re putting our show in as many places as possible because yes, we need to know about this Apple podcast download issue because you’re likely seeing it impact your download numbers. I know, for us, we have a huge part of our listenership that is Apple podcast players, so we’re seeing a dip, or seeing a dip across several of our clients because that’s very much where they’re getting their podcast from. I have other clients who don’t actually have a large listenership on Apple podcast; their listenership is larger on Spotify, Amazon, or whatever, and they’re not seeing as big of a hit.

Again, it comes down to, “Are we in as many places as we can be?” A, it’s easy for clients to ask us, but also, if clients are having a poor relationship with a podcast player, regardless of the fact that it’s the most popular amongst your listeners, you may see that change. Oftentimes, I see podcasters go, “Well, everybody’s just listening on Apple podcast. That’s the only people who I’m going to go through the step of making sure that show was out,” or, “I’m not going to necessarily worry about the e-mail I got from my host saying that there was a new distribution point I could take advantage of, because all of my listeners are coming from Apple podcasts, anyways.” What I’m very curious to see is with this and several other hiccups that we’ve seen with the Apple podcast player, we see more people going to Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Overcast, Podcast Addict, or whatever they end up on, we want to make sure we’re in as many places as possible so that we can make sure that we are available wherever those listeners might want to find us.

That’s the kind of stuff we’re going to be covering over on the Podcast Newsroom. It is the news you need to know to have a more profitable podcast. If you join us today, you will hear the August episode. It’ll almost be like you got a bonus episode, me. You’re welcome. Head on over to, once again, You said it with me that time, didn’t you? I know you did. Make sure you are subscribed to the new podcast, the Podcast Newsroom.

It will not impact this show.

This show will still be the kind of show it’s been. The show will continue to talk about the things that we’ve been talking about. Occasionally, we may take the conversation further on that show. Those episodes may end up being a bit longer, depending on the month and what we’ve got to talk about. Right now, nothing changes with this show. Next week, you will hear another fantastic “best of” episode. We’re going to talk about guests. The week after that, you’ll be back with a new episode. We’re going to talk about falling in love with your show again, because as summer ends and school, once again, begins for some of us in person even, we’ll see, for us, it is happening in person, but I don’t know if it is for everybody. As we see those things happening, it might be time for us to be like, “Oh, hey, can my show not suck?”

I know, for me, the summer is always the hardest time to get shows out, which is one of the reasons you’re hearing some “best of” episodes this summer. We talked about that a few weeks ago.

Anyway, that’s what’s coming up over the rest of August. Again, if you head over to the new Podcast Newsroom show, you can grab that August episode now. I will see you over there, and I will see you back here next week.

I hope you have a fantastic week, a fantastic start to your August, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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