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Welcome. Welcome to Episode 431. I am your host of The Stacey Harris, social media strategist and trainer here at The Stacey Harris, and also the lead strategist and CEO over at Uncommonly More.

Today I want to talk to you about what the heck is happening, because 2019 is meaning a ton of change, evolution, and like some straight up revolution happening in my business, and I want to kind of give you an idea of what the landscape looks like over the next 12 months, because it’s a new year, not necessarily a new me, same old me, but where you find me might be a little different this year. Actually, why don’t we just jump right in? Let’s just jump right in.

We’re doing LIVE  EVENTS this year.

Like we’re doing live events this year. Our first live event that’s happening this year, it will be our only east coast event, and that will be in New York City on February 6th. We’re doing Backstage Live, which is a full day, 10:00 to 4:00, 10 people in the room, workshop, meaning work.

You will leave … Well, if you come you will leave with an actionable implementation plan for your marketing for 90 days, 3 months. This year for me is really all about strategy, teaching you guys, and teaching as many people as I can that strategy is the key to success, not the tools, not the tactics. They’re the how. Without how we use those tools, those tools are irrelevant.

A screwdriver does not work unless you pick it up and turn it. It only builds something if you know what the heck you are using it for. Your strategy is what the heck you’re using it for. It is the plans. It is the blueprints. It is what we have to have.

So that is what all our events this year are going to be about. We’re going to do this same event several times this year. We’re doing it two times in Q1. We’re doing it on the east coast, like I said, February 6th. We’re also bringing it back to So Cal and we’ll be doing it up in LA. I say up because I’m in Orange County, but we’ll be doing it in LA on March 6th.

In Q2 we’re actually going to do it down here in Orange County. I was thinking about maybe doing it in San Diego. I go back and forth between doing it in Orange County or LA again, or maybe taking it down to San Diego. We’ll see. Let me know if you want a San Diego event this year.

But the remainder of the events this year will be … The Q2, the Q3, and the Q4 will all be here on the west coast. The February 6th New York event will be our only east coast event this year. I’m really excited to be building these with you guys. As I said, you’re going to leave, if you join us, with an actionable like plan. You’re actually going to have your implementation plan in your hands when you leave, so it’s really, really cool.

That’s part of the reason there will be just 10 people because straight up I can’t do more than 10 at a time. That’s the limit my strategic mind can go, so we’re doing 10 people in the room. The really cool thing is you have access to me and each other, so you’re going to be able to work through your stuff, get feedback from each other, not just me, so there’s a lot of perspectives and there’s a lot of value in having those different perspectives.

So that’s the first big news. This is something we’ve not done before and we’re going all in, all in on it this year because I like in person. I like getting with you in the room and hanging out. Now, what does this mean for the virtual event that we did in December? We may do some virtual events this year. I have not decided as of right now.

If we do them, we’ll probably do … We won’t do one in Q1. The earliest we would do one is Q2 or Q3, and it would follow our in-person event. It will remain a half day. If we do another virtual event, it will be a half day. I just don’t … I don’t want to do a full day virtual. Sorry guys. If you want to spend the day with me, you got to do it in person. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.
So I’m really excited. But as of now, we’re going all in on the in person, so get yourself to Southern California. I’d love to have you. Sound good? That’s news number one. Again, February 6th, 10 slots, seats are filling up.

The March event in LA has an early-bird price on it until January 15th.

So that’s like a week from today when this episode goes live. So yeah, if you want to save a little coin, a little scratch … Is it even called that anymore? I’m really excited today, so I’m a little keyed up, but you love me. Don’t forget that. If this is your first time listening to me, listen to this, but then also go listen to another episode.

So yeah, we’re going to … If you want to save a little bit, between now and January 15th you can get the early-bird price for the March event. Our February event is already at the regular price though, but it’s 100% worth it, and after doing it I may decide it goes up in Q2, so that’s worth noting.

Oh, the other note about my live events … And I want to thank Tara Newman, who I adore and who you guys are actually going to hear from next week on the podcast. There’s no upsell. Like this event is self-sufficient. This event is wholly profitable for me.

I know that sounds like weird to say, because you’re like oh, great, you’re making money. Good for you. But so many events, especially one-day events, people like luring you to a one-day event and they put the $97 price tag and then try to sell you a $10,000 program. First of all, I think $97 to $10,000 is a pretty big jump. That’s an FYI, guys.

But also, there’s no upsell. We’re not going to end the day and I’m going to be like, “Oh, by the way, here’s how you give me more money.” I have had the experience where I’ve worked through building strategies with clients and then they want to know how we can help them execute it for them, and if someone asks me I will work with you in another way, or if there’s ongoing support you ask for I will give it to you, but this is not me selling you something all day.

This is us working. This is a workshop. This is not a speaking event where I’m going to stand in the front of the room and spew content at you for six hours and then be like can you please give me some more money. I’m going to bring in some breakfast. I’m going to bring in some lunch. We’re going to work. We’re going to work. So I’m really excited. Anyway, that’s coming up. We’re doing more of that this year.

The big news that’s happening today, like the day this goes live, is we’re releasing … Well, we’re starting the release of some new training. So I have been talking a lot about Backstage and the changes coming to the Backstage community, and I had talked about all these new trainings that are going to be coming, and all of these new trainings are coming.

However, we have decided to make a small change. Instead of dropping all the new trainings today, I’m going to be releasing basically humongous batches of trainings over the next four or five weeks. All of these strategies and stats trainings are in there right now alongside the existing guides.

So the Facebook trainings and the Instagram trainings, those courses will get updated starting next week. The reason for this is I don’t want you to skip the strategy in the stats training and jump right into the network trainings or the content trainings or the email trainings, because the stats stuff and the strategy stuff is the foundation, and if you know this stuff first it will make the decision over what other trainings you watch a whole lot easier, and it will also make going through those trainings a whole lot more actionable and implementable, because you’ll be viewing them through the context of your plan.

So this week all the strategy trainings and all the stats training are out. Next week we’re releasing a refreshed Instagram guide and a refreshed LinkedIn guide. The following week after that, we’ll be releasing the entirely new Facebook guide, and the entirely, never existed before Twitter guide. Then the week after that, we have a podcast guide and a Pinterest guide. The week after that, we have our email marketing guide and some more content stuff coming at you, so kind of a content guide.

I am so excited to get all this stuff to you. Again, I had initially said that I was going to release all of it at one time, but I … The reason for the shift in Backstage was really to get away from the overwhelming feeling that happens when you join Backstage and you see all the things.

So in the future, as people join us starting in February, our onboarding sequence, we’ll walk them through the steps that I’m basically going to take our existing members through with this release. So that’s really the reason for the change, is I want to guide you through this new content, so that’s what’s going to be happening.

At 1:00 p.m. on January 8th, which is the day this episode goes live, I will be inside the Backstage community actually doing a Facebook Live, walking everybody through it, what’s there and what’s happening in this rundown a little bit. So if you want to watch that, join us inside the Backstage community. This is of course exclusively for members, so if you’re not a member yet now is a really good time to join, and today is a really, really good time to join because the price actually goes up on Backstage tonight, January 8th, the day this episode went live.

So if you’re listening to this and it’s January 9th, you missed it. The price already went up. Sorry. But you should get in now because next time the price goes up you’ll be reserved at this price, so you got that going for you.

One other thing I wanted to be really clear about is whenever I raise the price on Backstage, which I’ve done several times over the last, holy-moly, three years, almost three and a half years, whatever price you join at is the price for as long as you sustain a membership. Now if you cancel your membership and you come back later, it’s whatever price it’s at then. But for as long you’re an active member, that’s your price.

We still have people paying $50 a year, which is what it sold for before it technically existed before the site was up. So I never, ever, ever raise the price for existing members. I also don’t discount the price for Backstage, because quite frankly it’s not fair to the members who have already joined.

So the best way to save is to jump in now because there will very likely be another price increase this year. If you missed the one that happened January 8th, there will very likely be another price increase later this year. So that’s worth noting.

We also still have Backstage Amplifier Mastermind … I actually have two seats open in Backstage Amplifier Mastermind, BAM as we call it, which is basically Backstage plus one-on-one access with me. It’s staying the same. Its price is staying the same. Its price may go up later this year, but for right now it’s staying the same. You can cancel anytime. Most people stay six to 12 months before they kind of cycle out into something else, but that’s totally up to you.

Those three things will be the extent of the offerings offered under The Stacey Harris Moving Forward, meaning VIP days and strategy builds and management services will no longer be offered at The Stacey Harris. The only way to work with me at The Stacey Harris is Backstage Live, Hit the Mic Backstage, and the Backstage Amplifier Mastermind.

This doesn’t mean that there will of course be no strategy builds, there’ll be no VIP days, and there will be no management services, because all of those services are moving officially, officially, officially to Uncommonly More.

I talked a little bit about Uncommonly More.

I made the announcement at the end of last year. We’re finalizing the branding right now. The website will be up really, really soon. With that is going to come some price increases for our VIP days and for our strategy builds as we move into the second half of this first quarter.

So technically you can still learn about those things on thestaceyharris.com. That will be changing when the new Uncommonly More site launches, but the big takeaway here is if you have been interested in the VIP day and/or a strategy build and you want to get in at the rates we’re at right now, Q1 is pretty much sold out.

So if you want to get in at Q2 and if you want to get in at the rates at which they exist now, they’ll be going up when they hit the Uncommonly More site. We’ll keep them at the price they are under Uncommonly More for a little bit, but not long, probably just about two to four weeks, so that’s more change happening. But all of that stuff, like I said, will still be available under Uncommonly More, and our management services of course will be under Uncommonly More.

The team is growing and we’re really excited to launch the site and introduce you guys to the team that’s growing there. It’s going to be a big year. It’s going to be a really big year, and I’m really excited to have you be a part of that. I really appreciate you listening to the show and being a part of this community, and joining us Backstage or at live events or whatever, or just hanging out with me, DMing me on Instagram when I ramble on in episodes saying that it’s delightful and not at all annoying, which I appreciate. Thank you.

Some days I think I have to say I agree to disagree, but for certainly right now we’re going to go with adorable. I appreciate every single one of you, and so thank you. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I’m really excited to be sort of solidifying some of these things I announced last year and kind of be in some of the changes that we’ve mapped out for this year.

I don’t promise that there won’t be anything else to share or change later, but as of right now we’re officially kind of splitting thing up. Like I said, the website is wrapping up right now for Uncommonly More, at least the first website. We all know that these things change.

We’re going to have new branding coming for The Stacey Harris. We’ve got brand new branding for Uncommonly More. All of that stuff is going to be coming out in the next couple of weeks, so I’m really excited to share this with you guys.

If you have questions for me about what’s happening and you want to sort of shortcut having to think about it or wonder about it, send me a DM on Instagram. It really is the fastest way to get ahold of me directly. When you email, you get the team first, but when you DM on Instagram you get me first.

So if you have questions about what’s happening, if you have any interest in booking in time with me one-on-one for a VIP day, that really is best, to email the team or just head over to the website and you can book a call with me that way directly.

Again, I’m super stoked. Thank you, thank you for being a part of this. I will stop rambling on now. That’s what’s happening. Backstage, the first set of new content is live right now, more coming, but please watch that first. Backstage Live, two events this quarter. I’m really, really excited. It’s going to be fun. VIP days and strategy builds and management services are going to be under Uncommonly More.

If you have questions, let me know. Join us Backstage, join us for a live event, and I will see you very, very soon at one of those things, or at least on the internet. Oh, I forgot one thing. I am such a doof. Hit the Mic TV.

Hit the Mic TV is coming back.

We’re going to actually be live on Thursday, January 10th, to tell you what we’re doing with Hit the Mic TV this year. Hit the Mic TV will be back, but it’s going to be a little bit different.

We’re going to be live once per month, and we’re going to be doing a focused training, so almost like a free webinar if you will because we’re actually going to be like really doing an instructional kind of mini-virtual workshop. So we’ll put out those dates and make all those announcements on Hit the Mic TV live on Thursday, January 10th. That’ll be where you find out about that.
Now I’m really going to go. I’ll see you next time. Talk to you soon. Bye.


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