How Service Based Business Owners Know When to Make a Podcast Change

If you’ve ever felt like something had to change with your podcast, but you just really weren’t sure what it was, this is the conversation for you. 

As I planned for episode 600 of this podcast, I reached out to clients, colleagues, and friends to find out what they would want to hear from me as we reach this landmark. The most common response was some version of, “WOW! How have you lasted so long?” or “How are you not bored?”

I get it. Ten years, 600 episodes, it’s a lot of podcasting. It’s a lot of anything, but the answer to every version of this question was the same. I’ve allowed myself to make changes. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. In fact, I’m sharing examples of some of the changes we made. 

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’ll talk about signs it’s time to make a change, how to make those changes, and when (or if) you should be announcing them.

3:00 – Announcing a new way for you to come together with other business owners who are using a podcast to market their business. Reserve your seat here.

5:20 – What this podcast looked like when we launched in 2013

8:00 – Signs it’s time for an internal process change for your podcast

13:00 – Signs it’s time for an external change for your podcast

16:00 – How changes in your business’s offer impact your podcast

19:15 – How service based business owners can start making internal changes to their podcast

22:20 – How to prepare your podcast to start working with an agency, even if it feels far off

25:00 – How service based business owners can make changes to their podcast while continuing to build trust with their listeners

28:00 – The first step business owners should take before they make any changes to their podcast (or any marketing tool)

30:00 – When should you announce podcast changes to your audience (and when you shouldn’t)

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