Why I'm Committed to Being Annoying

Hello, hello. Welcome to episode 434. Today I’m going to talk about being annoying. This actually came up in a conversation I had not too long ago. It’s actually come up a couple of times so far this year. I want to talk about this with you because it was business changing and really something I struggle with even now. I think a lot of us do this idea that we don’t want to bother anyone. We don’t want to annoy anyone. Giving myself permission, and in fact challenging myself to try to annoy people was a difference maker, was a big shift in how I approached my business, and my day-to-day, and my marketing, and my visibility really. I want to talk about that with you today.

Ahead of that, I want to remind you that we have two in-person events happening in this quarter. Next week, actually, a week from tomorrow, if you listened to this the day it went live, we are doing our very first Backstage Live in New York City. There are a couple of seats available and I’d love to have you join us. Then, March 6th we have one on the West Coast, my coast, LA, gonna happen. We’re doing it in Santa Monica if you’re familiar with the area.

I’m really excited to bring it to the West Coast after doing it on the East Coast. That’s, again, March 6th. We have lots of seats available for that. Well, we only have 10 seats total, but we have more for that than we do for New York, and more time, so grab your seats to either event and join us for that. We won’t have another live event until probably May or June. We’re finalizing those calendar dates this week, so that’s exciting. Anyways, make sure you grab those spots, and I’ll see you live for Backstage Live.

One question I did want to answer is, I got a couple of questions in my DM’s, and people were asking me why live, why an in-person event. It’s because change happens in person. Relationships can absolutely be built online, but they can be cemented in person, and that’s powerful. The flip side of that also is pulling you out of your ever-loving office is a really good way for me to hold your attention and get you in doing this work. It’s hard when you have your distractions to do something you may be resistant to, because you have lots of really good excuses not to do it. I like pulling people out of their offices. It’s why we do VIP days in person only.

We don’t do them virtually, because guess what? I want to pull you out of your everyday, out of your routine, because your routine has gotten you where you are, which is potentially great, but I’m guessing not ultimately where you want to be. Let’s pull you out of that and pull you into where you would like to be. Sound good? Join me. Hit the Mic Backstage Live. You can grab your seats over at TheStaceyHarris.com/BackstageLive.

With that said, let’s jump into the episode. In 2014, going into 2015, I was looking at my business up until that point. I started my business in 2011. Maybe you’re new to the show and you don’t know that. I started my very first business in 2011. It was called On Demand Virtual Assistant, and I was, you guessed it, a virtual assistant. I closed that business in 2012, in November of 2012, after 15, 16 months and launched Hit the Mic Marketing, which then went on to be named and rebranded as The Stacey Harris. It was a digital marketing … Actually, no. It was a social media management agency.

Really, if I look … Now that I have Uncommonly More and I have an actual agency, it was me doing freelance services under a brand name that wasn’t my name, is really what it was back then. That transitioned into coaching and courses and all of those things. At the edge of 2014, we decided that Charles was going to leave his full-time job and he was going to come work with me full-time. We had gotten to a place where we could afford that. It was not going to be something that was going to break us financially.

I was really scared, and I was shifting my business more and more. I had started getting more and more into strategy, and more and more into coaching and consulting. We had already rebranded from Hit the Mic Marketing into The Stacey Harris, and my business had gone through a lot of shifts in 2014. I knew that he was putting in his notice that very first week of 2015, and that if I wanted 2015 to be the best it could be, and be something that kept us supported. We had said we were going to do this and pushed it off a couple of times already because I got nervous and I got scared. I chickened out is what happened. Finally, we put an actual date on it, and not just an income, not just … When I am generating X amount in income, then we can do it, but this is happening. He said, “I’m putting in my notice this date. Is that cool?”

And I was like, “Yes. Do it,” and then I freaked out. Going into 2015, I knew in just a couple of weeks he was going to be putting in that notice at his job. I knew I had to get really visible, and everything I mapped out strategy-wise meant pitching podcasts, and doubling down on my asks on this show, and setting more sales emails, and creating more funnels, and doing more speaking, and all of those things that I knew would grow my business, but I had resisted in a big way. I had done a little bit of all of that. I had done some of that, but I hadn’t really, really, really stepped into that.

I was like, “I don’t want to be annoying. I don’t want to be bothering my email list, and my followers, and my community, because I dig you guys. I love the time we spend together.” And then I went, “That’s crap. That’s total, total BS.” Hiding and not getting visible is a complete disservice to you as it is for you to do to your audience, and that’s the advice I give clients all the time, and I was giving all of my clients then. So I said, “You know what? I’m going to make the weirdest resolution, commitment, word of the year, phrase of the year, whatever you want to call it now, ever.

My goal for 2015 is to annoy everyone.

I want everyone to unsubscribe from my email list. I want everyone to be like, “Dude, you talk too much. I already bought all your things. Leave me alone.” I wanted to annoy you. You. I wanted to annoy you, and guess what? I did, in the sense that I sent an email out every single week. A lot of weeks I sent two emails out, one content, one sales. I launched Hit the Mic Backstage that year. I spoke on a lot of really great stages that year.

I got a ton of podcast interviews that year because I emailed and I asked and I said, “Hey. Can I be on your show?” And I said, “Hey. Can I be at your event? Hey. Can I do this thing?” We did a ton of joint ventures that year, and I even did those virtual summit things. I did those. I said no to nothing. I said yes to everything. It was fantastic.

Now, what’s great is in 2016 it got me to a place where I didn’t have to say yes to everything. A, because I was getting asked a lot more because guess what? People knew who I was and what I did, and I was actually visible in a bigger way than I had been. Also, I figured out how I best served in the sense that how an audience best got my message, but also in the sense of what I enjoyed doing and what I didn’t enjoy doing. You won’t find me doing a lot of virtual summits anymore unless I really dig the person running them. I think I’ve done one in the last three years. You won’t see me doing a lot of those.

You will see me do webinars and stuff like that. That really started in 2015 where I did a ton of webinars in 2015 and 2016, a handful in 2017. I think maybe I did two in 2018, maybe three. If you were around then, you really saw the evolution of me finding where I got ROI, and what I like doing. I did a ton of podcast interviews, and as we go into 2019, I’m revving that back up in a major way. We’ve got a ton of great guest spots lined up, and new podcasts that you’re going to get to hear because I’m over there, and answering questions, and talking to people, and sharing.

I found that I really loved speaking, which is not a surprise for me, but I really loved speaking to smaller groups. That’s a lesson I learned in 2018 because guess what? After 2015 and really keeping up that … I don’t want to say pedal to the metal, because I think I did let off the gas a little. Letting go of the idea that I was going to bother someone by getting visible, by making an ask, got me to a point where I was referred. When people said, “Hey. I need a speaker.” People said, “Oh, hey. Talk to Stacey.” So I got to do some really cool things, and I got to learn in 2018 that I love talking to small groups.

It’s why Backstage Live is 10 people.

It’s why, as of right now, the speakings that I booked for 2019 are me in a room with 20, 30 people max. They’re not rooms with me and thousands of people, because I can answer questions. I can sit in the front of the room in a chair and be like, “Let’s dig into your thing.” I can pull up people’s social channels right there in the room and be like, “Here’s what I would change. Here’s what I would keep.” There you go, actionable stuff for them. That came from, again, getting unapologetically visible.

I want to challenge you to … I know a lot of us have chosen our word for the year, and we’ve chosen our goals for the year, but if all you’ve set as of right now are some revenue goals or some follower goals, I want you to look at, “How am I getting them? What’s happening? How am I hitting those revenue goals? What am I selling?” I want you to go after that visibility that it takes to get in front of that kind of audience growth, aggressively. I want you to say, “I’m going to make the ask.” Even if it’s breaking it down, one of the things I’m doing right now is putting together a couple of podcast pitches, which is really an evolution of past podcast pitches. We’re going to be assigning somebody on my team to email an X amount of number of people each week with pitches.

Now, the reason I don’t just do 50 one week, is because if they all say yes, I’ve got a real scheduling jam up. Also, I know podcasters tend to record interviews fairly early in most cases, in a lot of cases. I want them to go out throughout the year, so I don’t want to have a ton of podcasts to go out in April. I want to have podcasts to go out of each and every month. We’re approaching a certain amount of podcasters every single week. We’re booking and following up and setting up those systems so that I can get that ask out there as often as possible.

Now, it’s really nice because I’m at a place now where I can have a team do that, which is nice because it takes some of the … No one on my team ever thinks twice about emailing and asking something for me. I go, “Oh, my gosh. What if they don’t read this?” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right? I’m sure somebody on my team, if I said, “Hey, pitch yourself for this,” would be like, “But what if they …” But you don’t have that for somebody else, so if you can, have somebody else do it.

We had a client, actually, who swapped with her bis BFF, and she pitches podcasts for her bis BFF, and her bis BFF pitches podcasts for her. What’s funny is they’ve gotten a lot of yeses, and then they just refer the other one, and they both ended up on show’s, which I love, I dig. Look at what you can be doing right now to make more asks. What can you commit to? Make it measurable. I’m not talking about setting up smart goals. I don’t care about realistic. What I do care about is measurable.

Oftentimes, we say, “Oh, I’m going to get on 50 podcasts this year.” Cool. You don’t actually control the outcome of that, though, because you have to get 50 people to say yes, and then record, and then release that episode. That’s a lot of steps you don’t have your hands on. What I want you to say is, “I want to go after 100 podcasts this year and submit to be on 100 podcasts this year, and maybe 50 will roll out of that.” Whatever those numbers look like for you, but I want you to commit to taking that one action, because guess what, guys?

No one has ever told me I’m annoying. Well, that’s not true. No one in business has ever told me my marketing was annoying. How about that? Because I’m sure in real life, someone along the way has told me I’m annoying, because I can be annoying but in the best way. All right? I want you to figure out what it is, the thing you’re going to do to get visible. Maybe it’s you’re going to commit to 25 lives this year on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe it’s going to be you’re committing to having your weekly email that has a sales pitch in every single email. Maybe you’re committing to pitching 150 podcasts, or five speaking engagements, or whatever the thing is for you. I want you to commit to it and schedule it and do it.

Here’s the accountability. Head over to Instagram. Find the post promoting this episode, and tell me. Let me know what it is you’re going to do, what you’re committing to taking action on, so I can support you, so we can all hold each other accountable. All right? I’ll see you over on Instagram. I hope to see you in New York or LA for Backstage Live. If not, you’re free to join us in Backstage, the virtual membership, because that’s all the fun of Backstage Live but all the time.

All right. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. I will see you in New York or LA or just Backstage. Either way, I’ll see you, all right? Have a good day. Bye.


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