Working the System to Manage Your Connections

Make it easy to be connected by managing your connections and saving time. #socialmedia #facebook #twitter #LinkedIn #googleplus #business

As more and more people join the social media game it gets  more and more crowded. Which is great, we’re able to connect with more people than we have ever had access to before. The downside is it can be a A LOT of noise. It can be tough to get through the constant updates to what you really want to read.

That is why using some simple tools, and a few steps can make managing your connections easier. The best part is I’m breaking down each network to let you know how to use the tools the networks provide us to really keep your connections organized.

We’re focusing in on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn today so sit back and give the episode a listen.

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8 thoughts on “Working the System to Manage Your Connections”

  1. Bwahahaaa “We’re gonna talk about Facebook, because that’s what I hear the most complaints about…” Hit another one out of the ballpark. Thanks, Stacey!

  2. Totally agree that G+ made it easy to get organized from the get-go…My facebook lists are a mess! I’m pretty good with Twitter because I have streams I follow in Hootsuite.

  3. Thanks @aligoodman:disqus!! A lot of people are giving up on Facebook, I haven’t given up, it’s still my third highest traffic driver but it’s definitely not where I spend my time focusing on engagement.

  4. I’ve had Google+ for over a year now and have never thought to utilize the circles. I feel ridiculously silly right now Ha! Thanks for the awesome suggestions Stacey!

  5. No feeling silly, it’s a learning process. Stay tuned though because over the next few weeks I’m going to be featuring some more Google+ stuff. We’ll get you rocking your time on Google+ in no time 🙂

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