You MUST Value Your Time

Ready for the soap box? Its’ back!

I’m getting REALLY transparent today about “pick my brain” and “can I ask a few questions” requests that I receive. I talk about if I do them, how I handle it, and why they don’t make sense for everyone.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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0 thoughts on “You MUST Value Your Time”

  1. Love this soap box session! I have a student who couldn’t sign up for her regular 12 week Yoga session because she was having surgery on her foot. So she emailed me and asked if I give her a list of poses she can do that wouldn’t involve her foot. This would have taken me 60-90 min to gather together and put in some kind of format that she could practice with.
    The kicker is I already offer a private session called ‘my home practice’ that does just that.
    So I just emailed her back and said “I think what you looking for is my My home practice package, here’s the link to my private sessions page so you can check it out. I’m available these days and times to create this for you.”
    She signed up right away!
    Some times when people ask for free advice it’s because they are being cheap and don’t value you. Sometimes it’s because they don’t realize you have a offering that fits their needs.
    No one wants to work with someone who is cheap and doesn’t value you.

  2. Such a great point Nyk – and that’s why giving them the opportunity is key. From there it’s how they deal with it and they can self select however they want.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stacey,
    I think your on point. I consider my time important. I coached people in a different capacity before starting my business and people didn’t show up for calls or they didn’t want to take my coaching.

    I had people want to pick my brain about gluten all the time and last year people were doing that I had already had them pick my brain before so I said no and that I had free content that would answer this for them and some I told what I offered because they were coming to me all the time so it was time to pay me or not come around for free info.

  4. Hello eye-opener. I’m glad you recorded this topic. I think its fantastic. I think as long as you are providing resources and pointing people to your groups and services is great. In your group you do Q&A’s all the time!! That right there is similar to one on one.

  5. Very true Melissa, if you don’t have the content to point them too it’s much tougher. Also remember it doesn’t always have to be YOUR content you point them to. I occasionally point to other resources especially for things like Facebook ads.

    Thanks for listening!

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