You’re Standing in the Way of Your Podcast Growth

Tough love time, the thing standing between you and the growth you want to see with your podcast might be YOU. We talked a couple of weeks ago about some of the mistakes business owners make when using their podcasts to generate leads. Today is the next step in that conversation. 

The two pieces we’re going to look at today are not only bad for conversion but are bad for your podcast growth. If you’re a podcast host unhappy with your download numbers, then one (or both) of these might be playing a part. 

The biggest thing I want you to hear about these mistakes is that they might be the cause behind some of your podcast process frustrations. They might be the thing that’s causing your podcast to feel like A LOT of work. 

Fixing these doesn’t mean hitting the easy button and never getting frustrated when recording day rolls around, but it does mean being able to manage that frustration and move through it more effectively and efficiently. 

And honestly, you’ll run into that frustrating feeling A LOT less.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’ll talk about the two places to look at when you’re not getting the growth results you want from your podcast and how they might be the cause behind many of your podcast problems. 

3:00 – Start here if you’re feeling like you have an endless amount of podcast tasks

5:50 – The benefits of batching your planning and how it can help create a more consistent experience for listeners.

10:00 Planning and intentionality can lead to a more consistent experience for listeners, improving retention, conversion, and discoverability

16:00 – Are you delivering on your podcast promise?

20:25 – Breaking down the promise of The More Profitable Podcast and how it helps drive content on this podcast

23:15 – Why doing everything alone is unsustainable and leads to looking at the show one episode at a time, which can hinder the growth of the podcast.

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3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Using Their Podcast to Generate Leads

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