Personal or Company Branding with Kaye Putnam

Today’s episode is all about branding. If you’re struggling with how to brand yourself, this is a great one to listen in on. Kaye’s sharing the pros and cons of a personal brand and a company brand. And I talk about why EVERYONE has a personal brand.

A little about Kaye…

episode129Kaye Putnam leads marketing and branding strategy at the agency, INFINITUS, where she helps clients that range from Paleo Cookbooks to a national nonprofit stand out in our crowded world and build relationships with their people. To help define brand personality for herself and clients, she developed a quiz. She co-hosts the Limitless Business podcast and is excited to be launching a solo podcast called the In Demand Brand in February 2015. Above all, she believes in playing big and making brands personal. Kaye’s a proud mom to a 2 year old boy, Afton, and a Boston Terrier, Zoey. She’s a military spouse and currently lives in paradise in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Work with Stacey 1 on 1 

Kaye’s Brandality Quiz

The brand board Kaye and I did at my rebrand

The Limitless Business Podcast

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