The Purse Process™ with Danielle Watson

Ohh this one is a good one. I’ve got the fabulous Danielle Watson on the show, and she’s sharing how some of life’s blocks show up in your purse. Ohh and if you don’t carry a purse, she’ll share about that as well.

She’s also sharing how you can find out more about the inside of your bag and what it means for your personality.

A little about Danielle…

The Purse Process with Danielle WatsonDanielle Watson is an anthropologist and the creator of The Purse Process™. Instead of digging around in the dirt for treasures left behind by lost civilizations, Danielle uses her powers in an innovative (and far more girly) way. She is the most fashionable interpreter of culture on the planet today and the worlds foremost expert on revealing the hidden-in -plain-sight reason your desires elude you. In an hour or less, The Purse Process™ will reveal the path to turning your hidden gems into your greatest assets.


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2 thoughts on “The Purse Process™ with Danielle Watson”

  1. I am totally an absent Abigail. Sometimes I don’t carry a purse and when I do it’s a small purse because I don’t like clutter and having all kinds of shit in my purse.

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