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Our website represent us, like a virtual store front. You don’t want to be dating yourself with an old site (or using out of date marketing tactics). The guys from Play Nice Together (Rick and Ryan) are helping us out by telling us what we need to worry about RIGHT NOW!

A little about Play Nice Together…

Web Trends with Play Nice Together

Ryan’s been a geek since before being a geek was cool (does that make sense?). From an early age, he enjoyed taking things apart, figuring out how they work, then putting them back together. When his parents bought their first family computer, he was instantly drawn to programming.

In the years since, Ryan has worked in many different areas of IT, including building computers, supporting large server farms, writing custom software, and developing web sites. After working at a large agency in Manhattan, Ryan decided the corporate world was not right for him.

In the spring of 2012, Ryan turned his hobby of building web sites into a business. At first these were mostly tech-focused projects, but he soon had clients asking for design and marketing help too.
Rick graduated college and almost immediately decided he hated working for the man. He spent the better part of a decade trying to figure out a way to do that. With a background in design and communications, it became apparent that he would have to strike out on his own in order to achieve career bliss.

In 2009, Rick decided to create a wildlife-themed clothing brand called OMUNKY. With almost zero small business experience, he figured it would be a great learning experience, and potentially lead to some great jobs down the road. At first, it was just an expensive hobby, but gradually grew into a fun outlet for his quirky personality. You can meet OMUNKY (and a lot of the times, Rick) at various street fairs and festivals throughout the greater NYC area during the warmer months, or you can visit the online store at

On a warm, sunny day in Westchester, Ryan met Rick at the Dobbs Ferry Festa, a local food and music festival, and the two almost immediately began working together. At first on making the OMUNKY site look more awesome, and then on other client’s websites and brands.

It’s been almost three years now, and Rick and Ryan have learned to put up with each other’s strengths and weaknesses (mostly strengths, because we are awesome).


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