Content Creation with Greg Taylor

I’m really excited to welcome Greg to the show to talk content. We’re covering everything from what kind of content you should have to how often you should be sharing content. Greg and I even share how we manage our marketing and our content creation along with client work.

This really is one of those episodes that answers a lot of the questions I see popping up again and again for people. Content can be such a beast to manage and keep up with and a point over overwhelm for so many. I appreciate Greg stopping by the show and sharing some tips on creation as well as managing your results and checking in on those analytics.

A little about Greg…

Creating Content with Greg Taylor #HittheMic in Tempe, Arizona, Greg Taylor is passionate about WordPress Development and Content Marketing. Marketing Press is the result of his passions. Greg Taylor specializes in creating high performance websites that meets client goals by using Marketing Press’ signature Data Driven Development process. “If a site looks great, but doesn’t achieve the results Marketing Press’ clients need, we haven’t fully done our job. Only when a site looks great, ranks well and converts — then we know our job is complete.”

When not developing WordPress sites, working with clients or speaking at conferences, Greg can be found mentoring in the Arizona startup community, enjoying live music in Tempe, AZ or spending time outdoors with family and friends.


Jay Baer’s Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype

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