Get Real with Vasavi Kumar

You know I’m crazy for anyone who keeps it 100% real, and that my friend is the very definition of Vasavi Kumar. She’s a fab presence who has an amazing energy. After seeing her on Young Female Entrepreneurs twice, I knew I’d have her on Hit the Mic with Stacey Harris. It simply had to happen.

We cover some fabulous stuff, we talk about being authentic, how to start, and we even dive into a few things that Vasavi doesn’t put out there which goes back to a great episode a few weeks ago when I talked about balancing authenticity and privacy.

A Bit About Vasavi

Get Real with Vasavi Kumar on Hit the Mic with Stacey Harris

Vasavi Kumar is often described describes as “your kick-in-the-pants guide en route to your desired destination.” A certified coach, Vasavi holds dual master’s degrees in special education from Hofstra University and social work from Columbia University. She’s co-author of the bestselling book Succeeding in Spite of Everything, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and appears on NBC as the “Keepin’ It Real Guru” on Kansas City Live, and most recently on VH1s Basketball Wives where she coached one of the main stars of the show. Learn more at

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