How Many Social Networks Do I Need?

I get this question A LOT, and it’s been coming up a lot in calls with clients lately. So I’m bringing the answer to you. Ready to find out how many social networks you need, or if you need to add that shiny new network to your schedule?

I’m breaking down what you need to know, how to decide, and why it’s not a one size fits all option.

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0 thoughts on “How Many Social Networks Do I Need?”

  1. Stacey,
    I am starting to see more value in social media. I am working on packages to get online.. I have people asking me what I offer so I know this is a thing to get done. I am also going to write down my perfect day again and choose when to do certain things.. get a content calendar and places I can save articles to post. the more organized I get around social media and everything else.. I feel in control and not overwhelmed and I know i am learning and getting on the right track. I love instagram , fb and pinterest.. I tend to post on them more.. pinterest isnt consistent yet.

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