Making Empowered Decisions with Janice Martin

If you struggle with making decisions this is THE episode to listen to. I’m joined by Janice Martin and together we talk about why the first decision is critical and why it’s ok to change your mind. Hindsight is helpful!

A little about Janice…

episode139Janice Martin is a change catalyst and business coach with a 20+ year track record in leadership roles creating successful sales teams, building strategic alliances and growing highly profitable businesses in the retail, hospitality and food service industry. Janice has worked with high profile organizations such as Ten Thousand Villages, Gordon Food Service and many other regional and national organizations. Using a proven 5 Step Implementation Methodology developed by her consultancy, Magnum Consulting, Inc. Janice works with individuals, independent business owners and organizations to create action and results oriented plans to reach and exceed goals and objectives. Her extensive experience and holistic approach to building successful teams and empowering individuals provides a solid foundation on which to build organizations, manage change and create and implement successful plans of action. Janice is an accomplished speaker, MC and facilitator working with executives, sales and marketing teams and speaking at industry associations, corporate and community events.

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