Is Your Private Podcast A Replacement For Your Public Podcast

This was an unexpected question that came up after we launched The Podcast Newsroom in 2021: Could your private podcast replace your public podcast?

While public podcasts are great for getting discovered, private podcasts offer a more targeted audience and deeper connection with your listeners. On the other hand, private podcasts allow you to see exactly what your listeners are listening to and make it easier to convert them. Public podcasts, on the other hand, offer discoverability and make it easier for listeners to share.

So, which is it? Private podcast or public podcast?

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of private and public podcasts and answer the question: Is a private podcast a replacement for a public podcast?

2:35 – A special announcement on something we’re doing in Q3 (consider this your invite)

6:06 – The relationship differences between hosts and listeners when it comes to private and public podcasts

8:29 – The differences between public and private podcasting

10:14 – The advantages of a private podcast and the insights created by going private

12:00 – The major downside of private podcasting and why, for me, it’s not a replacement for my public podcast

16:05 – How a private podcast might help you experiment with podcasting if you’re considering it but are still unsure

18:00 – Two additional resources to check out after listening to this episode

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