How Learning to Manifest Changed My Marketing

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I want to talk about manifesting today. Before you throw in the towel, and you’re like, “Stacey, don’t get all woo on me,” give me a minute. Because the reality is is a lot of the things that we need to do for our mindset, and for manifesting our goals, really comes out of pretty logical stuff. It really comes down to things that we need to do to be successful on social, to be successful with our email marketing, and to be successful as entrepreneurs.

Before you discount this stuff as sort of like out there, or a little left field, or woo woo, or however you want to describe it, hippy dippy as my family occasionally refers to it, is realize that a lot of this is very logical. A lot of this is stuff you need to be doing to set yourself up for success anyways. If like me, you already lean a little to the woo, you’re going to enjoy this episode definitely because we’re talking about some of the things that you can be integrating into how you run your business, which can make it feel a lot more aligned with you, and can also make it a lot more successful.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. What learning about manifesting taught me about marketing. First of all, big shout out to Denise Duffield-Thomas, who has an amazing free manifesting course, a great book, and of course a larger program called Get Rich Lucky Bitch, of which I’m a part of, and an affiliate for, full disclosure. If you happen to click on the links in the show notes, I may at some point, and you decide to purchase something, I may get a commission. That in no way impacts my recommendation of it. I’ve been a part of the program for I want to say almost two years now. It’s been a game changer for my business, and so I’m happy to share it with you guys.

I learned about manifesting from Denise Duffield-Thomas. Someone recommended her book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, to me. I read it. I consumed it as quickly as possible. I read it again. I loved it. I really went back and forth purchasing her program. At every level, at every extra bit of work I’ve done about manifesting, it’s impacted my business not just from a income level, from, “Wow, I made more money,” sort of thing, but I’ve learned a lot about my business and how I market. That’s what I want to talk about. One of the things that Denise Duffield-Thomas, and a lot of people who talk about manifesting talk about is clarity, sort of knowing what you want, and being really clear in telling the universe, or whoever, whatever, what it is.

For me, it’s always been telling me really clearly what I want. Because when I know very specifically what I’m working towards, it makes it really easy for me to keep going. Meaning one of the easiest ways for me to get off track on a goal is to not know exactly what my next step is. If I don’t know exactly what my next step is, I tend to stop stepping. I tend to sort of move in a new direction, or go backwards, or just stand still with something. For me, it really, it really does come down to clarity, knowing exactly what my goal is. For example, let’s say you’re launching a new program, and you want to have a hundred sign ups. Great. That informs everything you do before that.

Whether you want to call it setting small goals, or aligning yourself with the universe, or making an action step list, the reality is the same. That clarity of your end result is what allows you to start walking the path towards that goal by taking actions, by acting as if whatever side of things you want to talk about it from. For me, when I focus in on specifically what am I trying to create? What am I trying to manifest as far as a result? It really moves me down the road of clarity, because again, I know I want to have X result at the end. What does it take for me to get to X result? Then, what small actions can I take to keep nudging myself towards that goal, and keep really moving myself forward, and acting as if this is all coming together? What result is that, and what steps do I take to get there?

From a marketing perspective, when I get really clear and I get really clear on what those steps are, I also force myself to get really clear on, “Okay, great, I want to get a hundred people into this program. I don’t want to just get a hundred regular people in this program, I want to get a hundred perfect people into this program.” Who are those perfect people? Now I’m getting really clear on my goals and my ideal clients. Because again, manifesting is fueled by clarity, and it’s fueled by starting to take action in the direction you’re going. Guess what? Marketing is fueled by action, and fueled by clarity, and that’s the same stuff. Oh my gosh, I know. For me, getting really clear on where I’m going was one of the primary ways that learning how to manifest, and really being an active manifester in my business and in my personal life really helped me from a marketing perspective.

Let’s talk about another way. It got me to stretch my goals. Early in my business, I had some very, very simple goals. For example, when I started On Demand Virtual Assistant, the very first business I owned, my goal was simply to make a little extra money, some vacation money, maybe some money to put away for Colin’s education. I didn’t have any grandiose goals of even a thousand dollars a month. Just a few extra hundred dollars a month to give me something to do and to add a little extra padding to my family’s income. Now, here we sit, five years later, and some change, and I own a company that my husband also works for, that allows us an incredible amount of freedom as far as time off, but also allows us a lot of financial freedom. That came from stretching my goals, from pushing, going, “Okay, well great. I manifested this. Now what else can I do?”

From a business perspective, that’s been great from the idea of by my business has grown, but also it really allowed me to stretch my goals from, “Well, I bet I could get a hundred people on my email list,” to, “I bet I could get a thousand people on my email list,” to, “I bet I could get a hundred thousand on my email list.” Now, I don’t yet have a hundred thousand people on my email list. That’s one I’m still working on, but because I’ve done the mindset work on manifesting, and what’s possible, and understanding my limitations, I’ve gotten a really larger sense of what’s possible, and a larger sense of I can push. I can keep pushing. I can keep moving. Yes, absolutely, one of the things I am always actively working on improving at is celebrating the smaller wins, like when I got a hundred people on my email list, or when I got a thousand people on my email list, or how I will celebrate when I get a hundred thousand people on my email list, instead of moving the goal post before I get to the goal.

It really did show me how to expand my idea around what’s possible. That is really powerful when it comes to marketing because you’ll kind of get the results you expect to get because you will take the action to get exact, precisely those results. When I’m talking about, “Oh, you know, well maybe I can get a hundred people on my email list,” I’m going to take a hundred people actions. Now that I’m thinking about, “I can get a hundred thousand people on my email list,” I’m taking actions to get that level of people because my mindset is allowing me to play in that space. It’s allowing me to be creative in that space.

From a marketing perspective, I’m open to new ideas. I’m learning new techniques. I’m executing new tactics. I’m utilizing new tools. Because again, the mindset around being able to manifest more, being able to hustle for more, being able to achieve more, really allows me to think in a bigger way, all the way around. Also, I’m able to create things that are bigger, and cooler, and of more service to my community, because again, I’m thinking at that level. I’m being more expansive. From a marketing and business perspective, changing my mindset around what I could manifest and what was possible was absolutely a game changer.

We talked about it from kind of a tactical perspective in the sort of clarity, ideal clients, it gave me the push to be really active and executing things. For me, that part of manifesting alone has paid for its own education, if you will. Taking the time to do that work. I don’t just mean sort of investment from a financial, “I bought this program,” or, “I read this book,” or, “I downloaded this freebie.” I mean from a doing the work on my actual mindset. Doing the work on my actual manifesting abilities, and investing that time in exercising that muscle and growing that skill, something I’m by no means done at. I have lots of growth ahead of me. I think Denise sums it up beautifully when she talks about it being something that happens forever.

Because there is sort of this you reach one level, and then there’s new stuff to deal with. What’s powerful is the confidence, the doing the work and putting in the time, and the actual execution of doing better at this stuff, it’s such a confidence builder. Again, I don’t just mean buying the program, buying the book, downloading the freebie, whatever. I’m talking about the actual time invested in doing it has been critical for my growth. Again, from a really tactile point of like it forced me to get really clear on what I wanted, and where I was going, and who I was talking to, and how I executed that, but also in a confidence perspective and a growth, and what was possible, and an idea, and a creative space as well.

Personally, what I love most about Denise Duffield-Thomas is she balances these two things very well. Inside of Get Rich Lucky Bitch, there is a bonus program, and she talks about it’s called the Do It Quick Lucky Bitch. It was something she released a very long time ago. It’s like a little ten day mini program thing. One of the things I love about it is a couple of the days are, “Okay, take a scary action. Do something.” She talks about it in the book, and she talks about it in the program. She also talks about it in her free manifesting course, which there’s a link to in the show notes. 

If you have been interested in the idea of learning more about manifesting, or what that meant, or there’s this tingle for you to be more open to that kind of thing, Denise is a great entry point, because she does pair it with very logical, “Now you’ve got to do stuff.” It not about just writing down the goal and then it happens, but it is about getting really clear on the goal, what the goal is, so that you can take little steps to get closer to it every day, and execute to get there. Because again, as always, action and execution, it’s the dream maker. It is the game changer. It is the silver bullet. Do that. Head over and check that out. Again, I have a link to Denise’s free manifesting course.

If you’re on the email list, if you’re on the VIP list, you saw last week I emailed out a link to something that I do, because I’ve been thinking a lot about this, because I took … I ended up taking a lot of the summer off, which was completely unplanned, between some family stuff that happened in my personal life, and our move, and things like that, I ended up not working very much. Really, it’s awesome because I realized, and I could be grateful for, the fact that my business not only survived, it kind of thrived. It did really well this summer, because I’ve done this work beforehand to put these kind of things in place.

I knew that because I maintained doing one very important manifesting thing, which is tracking. I tracked every single penny that I made over the course of the Summer, whether I was working or not, I tracked everything I received. I could say very comfortably, “Hey, I did all right,’ instead of going, “Oh, I didn’t work, so I didn’t make any money.” Because the two things are no longer attached to my business, which is something I manifested, and something I continue to manifest on a larger scale. Again, check out Denise Duffield-Thomas’ stuff. She’s got some really cools stuff coming out this month. I want you to be aware of it. Check out that freebie on manifesting. Be sure to check out her website. I’ll have links to her website, as well as the money tracking article that she wrote, as well as the free manifesting course. I will see you on Friday.

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