Living Your Life Now with Liz Brazier

It’s a new year and everyone is talking about resolutions, personally I’m not a fan of the resolutions. What I am a fan of is living your life for today, not some future day and today’s guest is an expert in exactly that!

Listen in to hear from Liz about living your life now, managing your time, and of course I do a bit of digging about podcasts because she was my podcast inspiration and really pushed me to start this show!

A Bit About Liz….

Living Your Life Now with Liz Brazier

Liz is the host of the “Live Your Life NOW” Podcast show ranked in the top 10 in self-help podcast in iTunes. She regularly blogs on Lifestyle, Business and Happiness at

She is a certified Health Coach (AADP) and works with busy entrepreneurs to help them achieve work life balance, deal with life changing events, kick stress and overwhelm to the curb and live life now. In 2008 Liz trained in NYC to be a Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA) and has spent 20+ years in Corporate I.T sales before starting her own location independent business in 2013.

Liz helps people be happy, healthy and successful with a mindset of not waiting for that to happen, but to be there NOW!

Liz lives in New Jersey and New Zealand.

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