What is a Social Media Foundation?

Recently I’ve talked a lot about social media foundations, but I haven’t really shared what they are. Today that changes.

I’m sharing what a social media foundation is, why it’s critical to your success, and how to use it. We talk about how it is SUPER handy when it comes to launches and a lot more.

It’s a quick one today, but a really valuable one.


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0 thoughts on “What is a Social Media Foundation?”

  1. I do all my social media scheduling on Fridays which is my exclusive work “on” the biz days. I schedule Facebook post directly in Facebook and use Buffer for the rest. I also write all my schedules on Fridays. Personally I have found that having one dedicated biz dev day really helps.

  2. That’s awesome Rama, and I totally agree. Having a business development day changed my whole business. I wouldn’t have been able to shift from where I was to where I am without it. I was so stuck in the day to day of working in my business I was neglecting working ON my business.

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