Growing a Podcast More Than 40% in a Year With Tara Newman

What would growing your podcast mean for your sales? For your business as a whole?

You’d have a valuable asset that attracts more leads, more clients, and more sales. You’d have an avenue to help you achieve sustainable business success. But having support along the way increases your odds exponentially.

A friend and longtime client Tara Newman grew her podcast by 40% last year and was really the start of my agency. When I launched Uncommonly More, she was the first client whose show I helped turn into a lead-generating, client-converting team member. And today, she’s my special guest!

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, Tara and I talk about how she grew The Bold Money Revolution podcast and how that growth has impacted her business. You’ll learn what does and doesn’t matter when it comes to launching, what should guide your decision-making as you grow your podcast, how to be strategic with your content, and so much more!

1:31 – Why Tara turned to podcasting and how she launched her podcast

9:00 – When getting feedback matters and why getting on iTunes New and Noteworthy list doesn’t matter

13:18 – Why it’s okay for you to launch your show “dirty” and the only support I recommend at this stage

15:31 – Why the summer of 2018 was the right time for Tara to upgrade her support

19:22 – How Tara got more strategic with her podcast content

26:31 – Why repurposing your content is a gift that encourages your podcast’s growth

28:21 – Why responding to data is better than responding to your feelings

33:56 – How the support and growth of Tara’s podcast has impacted her business

38:32 – How to know if your podcast works in converting sales

40:04 – One of the benefits I love best about podcasting for business purposes

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