5 Mistakes Podcasters Make in Their First 50 Episodes

Are you about to bail on your podcast before you even start it or really get it off the ground?

Oftentimes, podcasters make mistakes that are absolutely detrimental to their show. These mistakes can cause you to bail before you even begin to see desired results.

While mistakes can happen at any stage of your podcast journey, your show is at its most delicate stage during the first 50 episodes. By making five specific mistakes I’ve seen too many hosts make at this early point, you can accidentally kill your show!

So what are these hazards you should avoid as a new podcast show host? In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, you’ll learn about the five mistakes you can make in the first 50 episodes so you can avoid the fate of your podcast becoming one of the many shows that fade away.

3:07 – The #1 mistake I see new podcasters make all the time

7:42 – The plan that too many podcasters forget to make

12:34 – The most natural mistake you can make in your first 50 episodes

19:31 – Mistake #4 and why it seems like a direct contradiction to the third mistake

23:50 – The double-sided hiring mistake you can make as a podcast host

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