Why I Don’t Care If Your Podcast Is “Bingeworthy”

You know how you can get into a TV show and watch episode after episode after episode (after episode…)? People do the same with podcasts. In fact, there are gurus who highly recommend making your show the same way: so addictive that it becomes bingeable to anyone who comes across it.

I don’t agree with them. As a matter of face, I don’t think it matters at all. But if being bingeworthy doesn’t matter, then what does? Find out on today’s show as a I talk about bingeworthiness and your podcast!

1:55 – Why I don’t love the idea of making your show bingeable (with one exception)

5:25 – The decision you have to make for your podcast

7:34 – What you should be working towards to help listeners and create a win-win situation

9:03 – How the “content is king” perspective lacks nuance

10:38 – What to do the next time someone recommends bingeability for your podcast

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