Balancing Authenticity and Privacy

Today we’re talking about being authentic, but beyond that, we’re also talking about staying private. It’s tough to balance both but it’s doable. Listen to the show and find out exactly how then hit the comments and tell me how you manage the balancing act!

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0 thoughts on “Balancing Authenticity and Privacy”

  1. Hi Stacey – great insights here! I definitely don’t share any specific info about my clients, but I will share an issue they might have brought to me in an abstract or anonymous way. A lot of people have the same issues, so it’s helpful for them to hear my advice for someone else.

    Other than that, there’s not a lot about my life that I leave out. I’m happy to talk about my relationship with my husband because he’s such a great character and about politics (my 2nd love).

  2. Love that Nicole! I think that’s really key, balancing sharing supportive stories and also maintaining confidentiality for other clients. I’m like you, I don’t name names or share specific details about industries. I tend to talk in theory about other clients.

    Thanks so much for listening and sharing your thoughts!

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