Your Current Listeners are the Key to Growing Your Podcast

The best thing you can do to start growing our podcast… make sure your current listeners are actually listening.

Too often, I’m having conversations with service-based business owners who are focused ONLY on growing their listenership. 

They want more downloads and more subscribers. But they’re not thinking about how they are serving their current listenership. 

This can impact your show negatively from a technical standpoint. With completion rates potentially being a piece of the SEO algorithm inside of your favorite podcast players. 

The real issue here is the second piece, though because it impacts your ability to use your show as intended.

If you focus only on more downloads and listeners, you may be missing the most important piece… conversion.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we talk about the two ways your current listenership impacts the growth of your podcast. The first is from a technical point of view and then from a larger strategic perspective.

4:25 – The technical piece and how your completion rate impacts our search position

5:40 – What ask are you making at each point in your episode, we’ll walk through mine as an example

9:30 – The benefits of building trust as a listener moves through an episode

11:30 – How do I know if people are ever listening to the whole show

12:10 – The role episode length plays in keeping your listeners engaged

14:30 – The more direct way your listener engagement impacts your show

17:00 – A word of warning if you’re focusing ONLY on bringing in new leads

18:00 – A hard truth if you’re not currently converting clients from your podcast

20:00 – What to do if your podcast feels hard right now 

Mentioned In Your Current Listeners are the Key to Growing Your Podcast

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