3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Using Their Podcast to Generate Leads

There are three mistakes our team sees over and over again when business owners are looking to generate the right-fit clients from their podcasts. These come up again and again, and they’re fixable. So let’s fix them! 

In the last few weeks, I’ve been in the car a lot. I live in Orange County, California but often head up to LA for events or to meet up with friends, and for some reason, it’s been happening a lot these last few weeks. That means a lot of time in the car which obviously means a lot of podcast time.

Instead of staying with my comfort shows and my old business favorites, I went to search and just organically started looking for shows that would probably be a fit to work with us. I wanted to see what was happening in the market. What are these hosts doing right now that works, and what are they doing that likely isn’t working? This episode is a look at what I discovered.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’ll talk about the three mistakes we see service-based businesses make time and again that prevent them from using their podcast to generate, educate, and convert right-fit clients

5:00 – The first of two ways podcasters make the mistake of making their show all about themselves.

7:30 – The importance of understanding why you’re sharing what you’re sharing on your podcast

11:50 – You cannot “value” your audience into a sale

13:00 – What value should actually look like in your brand’s podcast

16:15 – Trying to prove how smart you are is now how you generate sales from your podcast and will lead you to make the first mistake

17:40 – Are you distracting your listeners instead of delivering on your show’s purpose

18:50 – Examples of a strategic way to include guests in your podcast

22:00 – The kinds of guests our podcast features (and why)

24:20 – A reminder we’ve all made these mistakes and will likely make them again

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