How Podcasters Can Use ChatGPT

You’ve probably seen and heard about it everywhere. There’s been a lot of chit chat about ChatGPT over the past few months.

And it probably sounds like a dream, right? You pop in prompts, and it pops out answers, conversations, explanations, etc. as if they were written by a human being. You might think, “If it’s that good, then I can save so much time on podcast production!”

But while ChatGPT is a cool tool, we’re not at the point where AI like it can actually replace real, human conversation and interaction in a natural way. And some of the recommendations I’ve seen out there for using it are icky, to say the least.

So in this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, you’ll learn how podcasters can use ChatGPT and how they shouldn’t use it. I’ll also give you examples of ways I use the AI tool for this show.

4:59 – How you shouldn’t be using ChatGPT as a podcaster

7:53 – How ChatGPT can support your podcast production process

9:49 – How I use ChatGPT as a brainstorming and research tool

13:05 – One effect ChatGPT can have on your ideas

14:10 – How I’m using ChatGPT for social media

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