Protecting Your Business When Hiring a Marketing Team

Welcome to episode 476. I want to talk about protecting your assets. I find it’s so, so scary to just sort of drudge through the internet and read about security because it always really freaks me out. And so I wanted to have a really intentional, not fear based conversation around how you can hand over and partner with your marketing people in a way that still takes care of that security thing and that protecting your assets thing and that whole what do I own, what don’t I own thing. That’s what we’re really going to dig into today. I’m actually going to share a lot of how we partner with our clients on Uncommonly More and some of the systems and the structures we’ve put in place to make sure that we have clarity, to make sure that we have simple and easy communication and also so that everybody has what they need, both us as an agency and our clients and each person on my team has what they need.

And so for you, if you’re currently sort of sitting in that project manager role of your marketing, meaning that you’re disseminating and collecting information and pieces from different parts of your team to give to other parts of your team, maybe the structure would help you in syncing up your team more, or if you’re somebody who’s like, “I’m doing this on my own but we’re going to hire somebody soon,” or “I’d like to hire somebody,” I will say that all of the things we’re going to talk about today are easier to start when it’s just you than it is once you have a machine sort of running with your team. And so this is me just sort of swinging open our doors and saying this is how we do.

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